Outlook 2003 - Email stuck in Outbox - Intermittently

By maagero ·
From time to time, a message or two will get "stuck" in the Outlook 2003/Outbox.
I have to perform a couple of things to get the emai to "go".
1) I have the user shutdown Outlook and restart.
2) I can move the message to the Drafts folders and then back to Outbox.
3) I have the user move message to Draft folder & shutdown/restart Outlook.

All service packs for O/S [XP-Pro] and Outlook 2003 are up to date.
ISP POP & SMTP servers are working fine.

Hopefully, someone can give me a reason as to why this occurs intermittently. If there is a "patch" to fix, that would be a plus. Thanks, Ron Maagero

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What else can you tell us?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Outlook 2003 - Email stuc ...

Hey there Ron. Don't you just hate these intermittent "events"? They're the hardest of all to track down. If the user is close by, maybe you can help us watch what's going on. If you're dealing with the user over the phone, this could take a while. We'll see what we can do.

Can you pinpoint anything in particular that is ALWAYS "present", even if it's the time of day they're being sent, or is this completely, totally random?

Does this only happen with new emails, or does it sometimes happen on replies?

Are the messages that get stuck addressed to any particular email address all the time, even if in the BCC field?

What are they using as their mail format? HTML, Rich Text, text?

Are they sending attachments when it happens?

What are they using as their email editor? Outlook or Word? If Word, does it still happen when they turn off Word as their email editor?

Do they have a signature being sent with all emails, even replies?

What are they using for anti-virus software?

Anything else you can tell us about some sort of pattern as to when this happens?

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Pinpointing a common factor...

by maagero In reply to What else can you tell us ...

Hi ThumbUp2,
I have not come up with common factor; although come to think of it I have found an attachment being emailed [about 80% of time]. Sometimes I get an email server timed out, then doing another send/receive a few minutes later does not produce a server time out error. It is so intermittent and not just one user. It's weird. It seems like "Microsoft issue" where the work-around is "Just close your app and restart it to fix it."
NOTE: There are more pressing issues out there, but I have trouble leaving things unresolved.

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You might try adjusting the server timeout......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Pinpointing a common fact ...

In the email account settings, under the advanced tab, there is a server timeout setting. It's probably set at the minimum. Adjust it up by 1 minute and see if that solves the problem. Sometimes, servers are just plain slow to respond.

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Reply to Server timeout adjustment

by maagero In reply to You might try adjusting t ...

Hi Thumbsup2,
I'll give it a shot and see what happens.

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Server Timeout setting seemed to cure it

by maagero In reply to Outlook 2003 - Email stuc ...

Hey Thumbsup2, It seems like the server time out being lengthend helped. Not sure if that "fixed" it but I know longer have the issue. Thanks.

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Glad it's working

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Server Timeout setting se ...

Thanks for letting us know. :)

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The answer to stuck Outlook messages

by bsorenson In reply to Outlook 2003 - Email stuc ...

So if you send an attachment by choosing Send To from Excel or Word and it gets stuck in the Outbox until you press Send and Receive, then this is the fix.

Delete this key:
"StrictAccountOrder"=dword:00000001 - Complete hosted IT solution running all your applications!

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To all thank you - problem solved.

by maagero In reply to The answer to stuck Outlo ...

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