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    Outlook 2003, Exchange 5.5


    by tim.doyle ·

    Recently installed O2k3 on my XP Pro machine connecting to my Exchange 5.5 server. I use a secondary profile to access other people’s accounts for the purposes of setting their out of office notification, adding delegates, fixing rule problems, etc. Since upgrading to O2k3 the process of reconfiguring the secondary account has been extremely painful, to the point that its alot quicker to fire up an old laptop running Outlook XP and use the profiles in their instead. Whenever I try to adjust the secondary profile the connection times out to the Exchange server and I am never able to verify the name…it always just reverts to offline mode…in OXP the connection and validation is virtually instantaneous. The big difference I’m noticing is that O2k3 seems to be more geared toward AD exchange servers like 2k and 2k3 (which are planned upgrades in 2004 Q1), the server name in the validation box is always server.domain instead of just server. If I delete the .domain part it seems to help, but not enough.

    Any suggestions?

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