Outlook 2003 fails to connect to Exchnage server 2003

By weenorm ·
Pulling my hair out a bit, need some help. In our office we have 14 clients all running win XP and Outlook 2003, on Monday morning we all lost our connection to exchange server, most lost it when the sending mail some when they restarted their machines.

Exchange appears to be running alright, have managed to send a mail from the server account and when sending inward mail I get a message from the postmaster on the domain.

When you open outlook, in the bottom right had it says disconnected, thats it. Has to be exchange end as all client cannot connect.

Am I missing something blatantly obvious, could anybody help me with a quick 5 step guide or so of things to check please.

Any help appreciated


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Several things to look at

by Dumphrey In reply to Outlook 2003 fails to con ...

First, is auto-update on for your machines?
Second, have you performed a thurough virs scan?
Third, if you right click the icon in Outlook and choose work on-line, what happens?
I assume you are using Outlook native to connect and not pop3?
I have used this tool several times int he past. Worth looking into even if it does not help with this problem.

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This might help you..

Please post back if you have more problems or questions.

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I doubt it.

by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to This might help you..

The issue addressed in the KB is for situations where RPC over HTTP is used. This is a pretty uncommon setup, and I would not recommend this solution to the original poster until we have information that actually indicates he is using this particular setup.

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Some questions

by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to Outlook 2003 fails to con ...

You say that Exchange seems to be running alright. let's make sure you've done the obvious troubleshooting steps such as checking that the virtual SMTP server is running, the mail stores are mounted, the Infor store service is running etc.

Since you've been down since Monday have you tried stopping and restarting the various Exchange services? Have you rebooted the server? Have you gone through the event logs on the exchange server and on the clients to see if they provide any clues? Have you looked at the SMTP queue to see if there is anything unusual going on?

Have you checked your AV and/or Anti-spam software on the Server to see if they offer any clues?

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breached the 16Gb limit

by weenorm In reply to Some questions

Thanks to all for advice, as yes checking queues and event logs, together with other research on exchange 2003 limits, helped. So thanks to all.

Mailstore had be dismounted as it had reached 16gb limit, so used registry hack to allow temporary increase to 17gb, re mounted store and restarted service.

Job done all have mail again. Need to remember to remove line in registry to return size to 16gb, otherwise you have little chance to remount the store....

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Another suggestion

by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to breached the 16Gb limit

If you're coming up against the 16GB limit on the mailstore I'd strongly urge you to upgrade to Exchange 2003 SP2 as this will expand the max size of your mail store to about 75GB.

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With Excange 2003 Sp2

by Dumphrey In reply to breached the 16Gb limit

they increased the database size limit to 75 GB.

So you may be able to increase your store size.
Another option is to create a second storage group.

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Outlook 2003 fails to connect to Exchnage server 2003 Solution

by jayendra4651 In reply to Outlook 2003 fails to con ...

Plz Check your HOST File

your Exchange server

IP address add in HOST file


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