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Outlook 2003 feature set

By dbabh ·
We are using Microsoft Exchange in our enterprise for e-mail with Outlook being the e-mail client. Through out the enterprise all desktops are running Office XP on Windows 2K machines. Recently some admin had the bright idea of upgrading to Outlook 2003 system wide, and the roll out went very smoothly. However on a few machines the "Outlook Today" feature of Outlook does not function at all.
When you click on the mailbox name, the way Microsoft says you open Outlook Today, you get the default security settings instead. Now if we completely remove all office components and reinstall first the Office XP apps then the Outlook 2003 client from CDs, everything is ducky. But this is a long and drawn out process and is not practical for an environment this size. Surely there is a way to fix this problem that does not involve clearing the software from all of these machines and starting over.
Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

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by dafe2 In reply to Outlook 2003 feature set

On the systems affected.........did the users use .pst files......they may have set the pst file as the delivery location for new mail.

You don't say how Outlook 2003 was deployed....SMS for example, allows the admin to set many default "preferences," which usually don't line up with user "demands" ;-)

The "delivery location" for e-mail is "Outlook Today" (and) can be either the mailbox or a pst file.

Some of our users changed the "delivery location" of their e-mail, and wondered why they "two calendars" and the Today screen was in a "different" spot.

One way to check is to click, tools, view or change existing e-mail accounts then at the bottom left you should see the delivery location for new mail drop down.

That would explain most of what you describe including the current "fix".

I'm not clear on what happens when you click outlook today now, but, depending on the view settings coul be seing a number of diferent thing. In our case we saw the Properties of the user profile. The fix was to recreate the user profile, set the delivery location and restart Outlook.

Good luck

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