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Outlook 2003 growing out of control!!!

By jjwilliams623 ·
The more I use Outlook the more memory it grabs to the point of loosing functionality, i.e., can not even open a contact record to modify it.

It usually starts out around 22,000k and works it way up to 70,000. If I am using it, mostly just looking around or sending a couple of emails, it will give me the message "Can't open this item. Out of memory" within an hour. I am not doing anything fancy, definitely not printing.

I have run both Ad-Aware and Spybot, as well as a scan disk. eTrust EZ Armor has not found any viruses.

Any suggestions???


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by CharlieSpencer In reply to Outlook 2003 growing out ...

Now that you've pointed it out, mine does the same thing.

When I firsted looked at it with Task Manager, it was using about 18,000. I opened several messages, one at a time, leaving each one open. The amount of memory being used went up qith each message, topping out about 22,000. I closed each message, one at a time, but the memory usage did not decline at all. Five minutes later it still hadn't. I closed Outlook and restarted it. Task Manager reported Outlook using only 14,000 after the restart.

Looks like a memory leak to me. What's strange is that I've got Outlook open all week and it's not crashing, so it's got to be returning the memory at some point. Can I assume you've already Googled for this?

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Yes, nothing that I could find

by jjwilliams623 In reply to Interesting

I have been googling for a week on this but only something on notes and printing, nothing else.

Thanks for your reply.

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Things I would check

by dmortellaro In reply to Yes, nothing that I could ...

I would check your sent items, deleted items and delete anything you no longer need. Your pst file could be getting to big to cause corruption. Also if you have spam filtering, check your spam folder and permanantly delete anything you don't need.

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RAM, not drive space

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Things I would check

We're seeing unexplained growth in the amount of RAM the application is using while it's running, RAM we get back when we close the app. We're not seeing anything unusual in the amount of hard drive space taken up by the message store or the .PST files.

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by ijas In reply to Things I would check

It is worth to re-apply the office 2003 service pack on your computer. Hope you are running the latest service pack and hot fixes from MS.
Try updates frm www.officeupdate.com

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I ran into this

by w2ktechman In reply to Outlook 2003 growing out ...

I ran into this a few months ago on 1 system. I uninstalled Office, updated patches, reinstalled and the problem stayed. I set the page file to automatically be controlled, and the problem went away

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Page file

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I ran into this

Since you set it for automatic, I assume you had manual values in there before you changed it. If we're talking 2000 or XP, how did you change it from fixed settings back to automatic?

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Easy change

by w2ktechman In reply to Page file

In XP, right click on "My Computer"
Select "Properties"
go to the "Advanced" tab
Select the "Settings" button in the "Performance" area
Select the "Advanced" tab
select the "Change" button in the "Virtual Memory" area
Select "System Managed size"
click the "Set" button
Press "OK"
Press "OK"
Press "OK"

All done

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Try Defraging

by wljennings In reply to Outlook 2003 growing out ...

The .pst file can become very fragmented. It gets a lot of writes and deletions. Other wize try the Microsoft Anti Spyware I have seen it find spyware that the others will not, and visa-versa.

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Tried Compressing the Folder?

by DenaliDragon In reply to Outlook 2003 growing out ...

In Outlook, Right Click on Personal Folders, and bring up the properties. At the bottom of the general tab, there are two buttons. The Folder Size button will show you how much memory your .pst should be taking up. When you look at your .pst from outside of outlook, it is likely much bigger. So back in the general tab, click the Advanced button. In that dialog, click Compress Now. I do this about once a week, after deleting all unnecessary large files and sent mail.

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