Outlook 2003 high cpu

By timhatch ·
I am having an issue where outlook 2003 takes up 99 or 100% cpu. It happens somewhat randomly, but I have noticed that it particularly happens when I first start outlook, or when I compose a new email to someone (hitting the "new" button). outlook will jump to an abnormally high CPU usage, sit there for a few seconds, then go back down to normal. when i begin to type in the new message, it does the same thing. If I run "detect and repair" Outlook will work for the rest of the time I am logged in. If I log off and back on, it goes back to "normal" (i.e. sporatic high cpu usage). i have Anti-virus running, as well as scanned for any spyware/adware running. It's not a corrupted message (moved all mail to a .pst file), and I've run the inbox repair tool, as well as "scanost.exe" tool. None of them worked. any ideas?

Thank you!

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Google desktop?

by Cactus Pete In reply to Outlook 2003 high cpu

Perhaps you have some indexing running of some sort? One of the first things I do to new installs is disable the indexing service. And Google desktop just completely hoses performance on large mailboxes.

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no google desktop

by timhatch In reply to Google desktop?

Indexing service was set to manual, and was not started. No google desktop either. Any other suggestions?

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Me too!

by kevinmcmullan In reply to Outlook 2003 high cpu

I've got the same thing, Windows XP and Vista running Outlook 2003. It seems worst upon startup, and HTML emails give it more problems than opening Rich Text or Plain Text emails.

Users are not running Google Desktop.

Patches and Servie Packs are up to date.

It's driving us nuts. I can find a load of people complaining about the same problem but no idea on how to fix it?

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set it to open to Outlook today

by timhatch In reply to Me too!

I resolved the problem. Set your outlook to open to "Outlook today" instead of your inbox. The problem is Outlook is looking at your Restricted zone when you type. MS is supposed to come up with a fix for it, but nobody knows when.

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Event Viewer

by ctrservices In reply to Outlook 2003 high cpu

Any App/System/Security alerts in Event Viewer? If so, we?ll need Source and Event number(s).

Also, try uninstalling add-ins (Com add-ins and add-in Manager)through Tools--Options--Other tab--Advanced Options. If this removes the problem, add the add-ins back one-at-a-time to see what is causing the anomaly.

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