Outlook 2003 is emptying deleted items without being asked

By tom.wilkinson ·
This is def a client side issue as not happening on other machines: when I close Outlook 2003, it syncs with the offline folder and seems to remove all items from the 'Deleted Items' folder, even though I did not request this. Can anyone tell me what is causing this? I have tried re-creating the offline folder, but even with a fresh file, this is still happening...

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Possible a configuration issue

by rcentaur In reply to Outlook 2003 is emptying ...

Go to Tools >>> Options >>>>Other tab and unselect or uncheck the Empty Deleted Items when closing Outlook.

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see other response...

by tom.wilkinson In reply to Possible a configuration ...
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Check these options...

by jody.noles In reply to Outlook 2003 is emptying ...

In the Outlook client, select Tools/Options from the menu bar. Then select the "Other" tab. At the very top in the "General" section it has a check box that says "Empty the Deleted Items folder upon exiting" Is that box checked?

The reason it may not be warning you is within that same tab click the "Advanced Options" button and at the very top of the pop up window there is a checkbox that say's "Warn before permanently deleting items" If that checkbox is not checked and you have it automatically deleting then you will never get a warning that Outlook is clearing your Delete folder.

Hope this helps.

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but I'm clicking 'No' when it ask me to delete

by tom.wilkinson In reply to Check these options...

The 'Delete items upon exit' option is enabled by group policy, so I cannot disble this. This is irrelevant anyway as I am clicking 'No' when asked to delete items. The problem I beleive is to do with the off line syncronisation. Does this by default empty deleted items? Is there a way to stop this?

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sounds like there's nothing you can do

by CG IT In reply to but I'm clicking 'No' whe ...

You said delete upon exit is enabled by GP, anything in the deleted items folder will be deleted. GP determines this there's no changing that unless you can convince the network admin to change it

clicking no will not change the group policy action.

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you've misunderstood me

by tom.wilkinson In reply to sounds like there's noth ...

The GP policy only kicks up the prompt. I am asked if I want to delete, and I click no. On every other system on the domain, when I click no, the deleted items remain. On this one, with offline folder sync, deleted items are removed without authorisation

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