Outlook 2003 locking up when opening attachments in Citrix

By joycedm1 ·
A quick background: I have Outlook 2003 SP3 being presented to Windows XP Citrix workstations via two Presentation Server 4.5 servers to a remote site. Those workstations authenticate through a local domain controller which does AD replication across the WAN against the domain controllers at the primary site. The two sites mentioned are on different subnets.

When certain users attempt to open attachments from Outlook, either just Outlook would lock up and not respond or several/all Office 2003 applications lock. All other Citrix applications being served up are fine. If the same user attempts to open the same attachment from a Citrix session at the primary site (on same subnet), everything works as it should. A temporary fix I've found is recreating the users profile. I rename the old folder then create a new folder with the same name/share/securities and copy over essentials like favorites and desktop contents. I then remove the profiles off the Citrix servers and the local machine experiencing the problem. The user would log on and a clean profile would be generated and pulled. The problem would cease for a few weeks but always returns.

I don't believe the problem to be AV as I've disabled it on the Citrix servers, but the problem persists.

Once again, the problem doesn't occur for all users, just a handful.

Any ideas what may be causing this? Any help would be appreciated. Please let me know if there's any more information I can provide.


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