Outlook 2003 - Mailbox Rule

By Maevinn ·
I'm now managing a mailbox other than my own, and need to setup rules to move incoming emails around. The problem is that apparently this has to be done via the properties for the mailbox in question, under Administration tab, folder Assistant. Which is greyed out on my system...Does anyone know if this feature requires admin privileges beyond those specific to the account? I'm guessing so, since I don't have this available for ANY of the folders on my system, even my own.

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Yes it requires

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Outlook 2003 - Mailbox Ru ...

Admin Rights to the Server that Exchange is loaded on not just your local terminal.


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by 3xp3rt In reply to Outlook 2003 - Mailbox Ru ...

Have you configured the account in MS Outlook?
If your answer is yes, you can configure the incoming rules to move incoming mails to specific folders.

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You need access to the mailbox

by anphilot In reply to Maybe

You will need to be granted access to the other mailbox you are managing. This has to be done from the Exchange server, or from the Outlook client of the owner of the mailbox. Only then can you set your outlook to view that mailbox, and thereafter rules to organize the mail.

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Misunderstand ?!?!?!

by 3xp3rt In reply to You need access to the ma ...

If I understand right Mavyn?s problem, he already have the account under he?s administration.

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From the way that I read things

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Misunderstand ?!?!?!

Maryn only has local Admin Privileges not Admin privileges on the Hosting Server for Exchange.


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Hal's correct

by Maevinn In reply to From the way that I read ...

I have administration rights over the mailbox, but not on the server. I suspected that was the problem, but at least I can provide that info to the email admin and see if we can get it resolved.


Oh, and FWIW...I'm female. :)

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Sorry :-(

by 3xp3rt In reply to Hal's correct

Sorry for my confusion. :-( Please forgive me :-)

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Another Option

by Maevinn In reply to Outlook 2003 - Mailbox Ru ...

Just wanted to share the option we're going to implement: Adding the mailbox to my profile via Mail in the Control Panel and then choosing prompting to login on opening Outlook allows me to login to the public mailbox, and create rules just as in my own personal account, without the security risk of giving administrative rights on the server. Thanks for all the help!

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Rules issues, Part 2

by Maevinn In reply to Outlook 2003 - Mailbox Ru ...

So now I can create the rules, but apparently there's an upper limit on how many rules can be active at any given time? There are 143 folders, and I want one rule each to send the email to the appropriate folder based on text within the subject line. But if I try to have more than about 80 of the rules active, it gives me an error message indicating either an invalid parameter (doubtful, since they are all the same and the first ~79 didn't generate this error) or there's insufficeint space to store them. Problem is, there should be 122MB available, so I guess the rules are stored elsewhere? Any ideas? It does create and save the rules, it just doesn't allow me to activate them.

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The Problem is with Exchange

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Rules issues, Part 2

This is a known issue with Exchange 2003 as there isn't enough storage space for rules. It's supposed to be fixed in Exchange 2007 but that's a 64 Bit Application so it can make use of more resources and needs a 64 Bit OS to run on.


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