Outlook 2003 MS Word Template - Long Text Lines

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On my work computer I am using a Windows XP (SP2), MS Word 2003 (SP3) and Outlook 2003 (SP3).

I typically have the Tools > Options > Mail Format > Use MS Word 2003 to Compose / Edit e-mail option turned on and my prefered format is HTML.

About a week ago, someone sent me an e-mail in an HTML format that they requested I forward to a distribution list I own.

I clicked the forward button, reformatted the e-mail and, I believe when I sent it, the system asked me to save the changes to

Since then, anytime I compose a blank message or reply to a message, my margins are very long (e.g. - if I reduce the zoom to 25% it looks like they are around 25". Outlook (MS Word) will not allow me to adjust the margins manually.

My paper size is set to 8.5 X 11 portrait, I have deleted all copies of on my machine several times, my IT department tried reloading Outlook and MS Office. None of this helped.

MS Word 2003 works just fine.

Short of reimaging my machine, any suggestions on how to fix?


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go to another PC....

by ---TK--- In reply to Outlook 2003 MS Word Temp ...

and grab their file... Put it on a flash drive, or have them send you their good one in an email. Make sure when you replace it, MS outlook, MS word, excel, power point ect. are closed.

The file location should be
C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates

Even when you uninstall and reinstall MS office, that file is not removed, along with alot of other files. after the uninstall you would have to manually delete it, then when you reinstall MS office it would get reinstalled.

I would also run a virus scan/ sypware / maleware scan on your PC just to make sure nothing fishy got installed.

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