Outlook 2003 (no exchange) message duplication on network?

By clicsg ·
Using POP3 on my wife's home business email address, she wants to be able to access and send/receive mail from laptop on our home network, but the .pst file and all her business folders are set up on the desktop machine.

I am loathe to try any kind of sync-ing solution unless it is FULLY automatic as she will not cope with updating files of her own volition. She can't even stack the dishwasher effectively 2 times in a row.. She calls it being creative -then she calls me at work when it floods the kitchen..

I set the laptop Outlook app with all the same account settings as the desktop one. Every time she logs onto the desktop, all messages since her last logon (even though they may have been downloaded on the desktop already) are downloaded again as if new, creating an inbox full of duplicates -one read, one unread - How can I get the laptop Outlook app to only download from the POP (Squirrel Mail) server the mail files that have not yet been downloaded? Or, even better, how can I access and run the original Outlook app on the desktop 'server' from the laptop?

You can tell my network skills are limited, so if there is an answer, I'm hoping it's simple. I'll try a Laptop shortcut to the desktop Outlook app and see if it works..

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Perhaps webmail would be a better solution?

by robo_dev In reply to Outlook 2003 (no exchange ...

POP3 is great for some things, but for a technically challenged person who is using multiple machines....this is not one of those things.

With your POP3 service, you can choose whether to leave all email on the server versus the normal mode of download to PC and delete from server.

Some people keep every freaking email, so they probably have 10,000 emails donwloaded to their PC. Be VERY careful in this case, bacause if you muck about with these settings, you may **** away ALL their email. So if your spouse is a email-hoarder, make a backup of the local email on her PC.

People who keep every email sent to them seem to get upset when it's all lost forever, instantly.

For example, with Mac Mail, if you create a new email profile, ALL email associated with the old profile goes *poof* and it's gone forever, the database over-written with a new one.

The safest way to deal with this is to have the user use webmail only, then ALL the mail is on the server, and there are fewer worries about where the email is. Webmail is also safer with respect to malware and viruses.

Note that If you are using multiple computers with the standard POP3 settings, then each computer will only have the emails that were read on that computer, since they are downloaded to the PC when read. That is not the best approach, obviously

Microsoft Outlook Express Instructions for leave mail on server:

1. From the Tools menu, choose "Accounts."
2. Select the "Mail" tab.
3. Select your Email account and click "Properties."
4. Select the "Advanced" tab.
5. In the Delivery section at the bottom of the window, check "Leave a copy of messages on server" if you want to save your Email messages on both the Mail server and on your local computer. If you want your messages to be deleted from the Mail server after you have received them in Outlook Express, do not check this box.

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