Outlook 2003 No Longer Able to Log Onto Incoming Mail Server

By dmthomson ·
We have several offices who all use Outlook to get their email from our mail server here. There has been no problem at all, and then all of a sudden last wednesday, when they go to send/receive they receive the following error:

'Sending and Receiving reported error 0x800ccc0f the connection to the server was interrupted. If this problem continues contact your system admin or ISP'

And if you go to test account settings, it just stalls out on the "log onto incoming mail server" part.

Nothing on our network has changed. No firewall settings, no software on the server, no udpates, nothing, and yet this is happening for ALL our out of office users.

In the office we can send/receive no problem. Webmail is completely functional, and i'm at a total loss here so I'm hoping for some ideas.

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by Dumphrey In reply to Outlook 2003 No Longer Ab ...

if its for ALL out of office users some thing did change...
First, how do they connect? And are they able to connect other then by email?

Can the email server access an AD server still that contains data for the users?

Are all clients on the same version of AV (Symantec perhaps?) Can you change settings on one client to get it to work?

There are literally tons of things it can be, but since the webmail works, and all local Outlook connecions work? its most likely on the client end. For all to go out at once is either a problem with your firewall, or an update to a common component such as AV, OS, Program its self.
Its a little vague, but here is
to get you started.
Check even manager to see if Exchange is actively refusing the connections or if there is any further info...
I will be more then glad to help you dig up knowledge as best I can.

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by jeremytech76 In reply to Well

That was my first question as well. How do they connect? VPN? Can they access intranet pages (if you have an intranet)?

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