Outlook 2003 not sending with port 587 Comcast

By jackmino ·
Just in the past couple of weeks I have not been able to send emails through my Outlook 2003 with my Comcast account.

I can send through just fine.

Also when Outlook goes to get the emails from the server it is hit and miss, meaning it doesn't grab all of the emails. I cannot see any ryme or reason to the ones it does not grab.

I did recently add a Blackberry and changed the Outlook settings to leave copies on the server where before it would not leave the email on the server at all.

The Blackberry downloads all of the emails from Comcast's server.

I have called Comcast and at this time they say they are looking into it and that it is probably a Microsoft issue.

I have not changed any of my settings in over two years. Also I have a friend who is having similar issues and Comcast is not able to resolve his issue either.

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Here I would be believing Comcast

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Outlook 2003 not sending ...

When they tell you it is probably a M$ Issue.

Just because you have not made any changes to the system doesn't mean that Windows Update has not or that a installed Program that you recently added hasn't made changes.

I would however be leaning to the M$ Updates being the cause of the problem here and if this started after these where applied that would be my starting point to look.


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Update on details

by jackmino In reply to Here I would be believing ...

Also when it sends, it does not give any type of error. According to Outlook the message was sent just fine.

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Well then it really sounds as if

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Update on details

There is a Coding Problem introduced by M$ somewhere. If they mail appears to be sent by Outlook but isn't going that is a Program Issue.

Could be part of the 34 Patches that M$ released this month to plug holes in their software that where not fully tested with all possible configurations.


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It sends to other Comcast users

by jackmino In reply to Outlook 2003 not sending ...

I have done further tests and Outlook is able to send to other acocunts just fine, it seems the issue is with sending to non comcast accounts.

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Well then if Comcast use M$ Product

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to It sends to other Comcast ...

It could very well be something their end.

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