Outlook 2003 one hour off on email

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I have had this problem for quite a while and have done various searches for results. Outlook 2003 mislabels all the emails 1 hour off. When its 9 am it show the email was received at 8 am. I have checked the time on the pc, its correct. I have gone into Outlook tool and under time zones made sure that I am in the right time zone. I did say to adjust for daylight savings time and when I did it moved the time to 1 hour later. I even downloaded a file from MS that was suppose to fix the time zone problem. It had no effect. Has anyone run into this problem? any help would be appreciated.


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Time check

by JimKlallsoo In reply to Outlook 2003 one hour off ...

You don't say if the Pc gets it time from a domain controller or if it is a standalone pc.

Open the CMD prompt and type NET TIME to determine where your PC is getting it's time setttings from if you are using a domain.

It may be that the server has the wrong time not the local PC.
Also ensure that your settings are set to Language US on the PC under regional/language options as well as in outlook itself.
Ensure the PC has all the latest office patches from MS site.
I note there are some updates/patches to do with time on their website

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Outlook 2003 one hour off on email

by jose81jp In reply to Outlook 2003 one hour off ...

i had same issue at one of my clients office running xp pro service pack 2 office 2003 i ran microsoft daylight savings patch seem to fix problem lin below.

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