outlook 2003 '' out of memory or resources''

By umar_q50 ·
hi guys,
from past could of weeks i am getting an error when i am tryin to attach any file( doc,pictures,pdf) any kind of file. i am getting
'' Out of memory or system resources. close some windows or programs and try again'' i tried everything . i tried to use oulook in wihtout cache mode on and with cache mode. close all the windows and tried but still no luck. i refreshed my profile but still same. can't fine solution of this problem. could any one help me please.thanks

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What causes the out of memory or system resources error?

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to outlook 2003 '' out of me ...

It turns out that Outlook sends out the "Out of memory or system resources" message for some things that aren't intuitively obvious. For example, did you know that if you have an old version of the PGP email encryption program on your computer, you'll get the "Out of memory or system resources" error? In that case, you'll need to uninstall PGP. What's weird is that this error almost always happens when you've upgraded Outlook from Outlook 2002 to Outlook 2003.

Go figure.

You can also get the "Out of memory or system resources" error when you try to open a note in Outlook. If the note contains more than 30,000 characters, Outlook will spit out the error. This is strangely similar to the error you're reporting, in that you're trying to paste in a big chunk of text. I'll bet if you make sure you're pasting less than 32K, the problem will go away.

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