Outlook 2003 outgoing mail being sent as spam?

By jennemail ·
I have office was working all fine and good till like all the emails I send to myself or anyone else are going to spam...somehow they are all going out as spam...but ONLY through outlook. I tried through Thunderbird and they are fine...I try from the comcast site itself and it is fine.....there is something wacky in outlook that is making it go out as spam........anyone have any ideas on how to fix this??

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spam filters

by shasca In reply to Outlook 2003 outgoing mai ...

If you have any stationary, virtual business cards, or other custom configuration in your email templates it will often trigger the SPAM filters.

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Doesn't seem to be

by jennemail In reply to spam filters

Emails go out FINE from Thunderbird or if I go directly to the ISP site and send. Only happens through Outlook and ONLY started this week. I googled it...I uninstalled my antivirus software....nothing seems to make a difference. I didn't make any new rules...I am thinking there has to have been some sort of update that made this happen all of a sudden. Even if I just send email to myself it goes into the spam folder on the ISP site and never gets to my outlook...but if I send an email from the ISP site ( it comes to my outlook. Comcast says it is a McAfee problem...McAfee said it was I call Comcast again and they say it is an Outlook Microsoft and they will only help me for a fee. UGH! Killing me business wise not to be able to email without going to spam!

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My sympathies. But you did not (seem to) answer the question.

by seanferd In reply to Doesn't seem to be

edit: unless the title "doesn't seem to be" is your answer to that. You should be able to tell exactly if you use any of those features.
Do you have any "stationery, virtual business cards, or other custom configuration in your email templates". This is specific to Outlook, so it matters not what another client or webmail does.

If you use any or none of these extras, just let us know.

Also, have you tried sending as Plain Text from Outlook, rather than Rich Text or HTML?

Let's try and get you off the vendors' "blame the other guy" merry-go-round. :)

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Ah ha!

by jennemail In reply to My sympathies. But you di ...

I have a signature in my email that has links in it....but no custom stationary or Vbusiness card.

Just tried sending in plain text. Tried sending without links in my signature.

Ok so I found that It does go through if I have only ONE link in my email and doesn't seem to matter HTML or Plain text. So somehow having more than 1 link in my email seems to be tripping it up?

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by seanferd In reply to Ah ha!

Does it matter to whom you are sending an email, or does it happen all the time?

This may have nothing to do with it, as your other email clients seem to be unaffected, but I've had problems with certain recipients bad sending links (images didn't matter, oddly). Turns out their common ISP used Postini for mail, and they must have configured something horribly.

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Doesn't matter

by jennemail In reply to Possibly.

Seems to go to spam for everyone when I have the multiple links. I can send several links in my signature through other email clients and it goes fine...only seems to happen with Outlook

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Also, check your rules.

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Outlook 2003 outgoing mai ...

You could have inadvertently created a rule backwards (ie mail sent from my account rather than mail received by my account).

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No new rules

by jennemail In reply to Also, check your rules.

I didn't set up any new rules recently...and it just started happening

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Recently has nothing to do with it....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to No new rules

... LOOK at all of them in detail. It's very easy for one of them to become corrupt.

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Have you added or changed

by The Scummy One In reply to Outlook 2003 outgoing mai ...

your signature file recently?

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