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    Outlook 2003 performance issues


    by golemcolbus ·

    we recently upgraded our mail clients from outlook2000 to 2003 connecting to an Exchange 5.5 server. We are experiencing major performance issues when connecting to the server and updating/sending mail. I have checked several areas wher I thought the problem may be, ie: mailbox sizes, network performance, virus scanner, service packs..Can anybody offer any other suggestions as to what may be happening.??

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      Reply To: Outlook 2003 performance issues

      by bfilmfan ·

      In reply to Outlook 2003 performance issues

      Thre are numerous hotfixes for issues with Outlook 2003 and Exchange 5.5. Have you downloaded and applied the fixes to both the clients and the Exchange server?

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        by the_nodge ·

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        You wouldnt know where I could find them, I am also experiencing lots of issues, although, strangely, less from the Laptop clients on the network. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks

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