Outlook 2003 problem

By allan ·
The contents of my email are lost when sending emails to contacts when I attache an excel worksheet. When I check the sent email the message body content is blank but the .xls file is shown as an attachment. My contact wonders what is happeng when receiving a blak email from me with just an attachment

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You need to diable Outlook security settings.

by Fred123456 In reply to Outlook 2003 problem;en-us;829982

Check technet article it shows you how to unblock attachments.

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Security setting

by allan In reply to You need to diable Outloo ...

I thik this is the solution whenthe attachment is removed when virus software thinks an attachment might be infected. My problem is the attachment is delivered but the email text is deleted

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So, if I am reading this correctly

by w2ktechman In reply to Outlook 2003 problem

the attachment gets through and the email body does not???

Never heard of that one, what an interesting problem to run across.
At first I was going to say the attachment was stripped for security reasons, but the text instead?
Try this. Go to tools -- options -- mail format.
In the field "Compose in this message format" change the option (rich text, html, or text). Just change from html or rich text to text only, or vice versa. Just change and apply a new setting. Does it still happen?

If so, check security settings (turn off encryption if on)

Turn off signature file

Does it still do it?

Please post back, interesting problem.

Oh, if Word is your email editor, turn it off as well.

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you are reading this one correctly

by allan In reply to So, if I am reading this ...

I have further isolated the problem in that if I type the message and add the attchment it goes through. If I open a spreadsheet and then go file send ie open an email within excel the spreadsheet gets through but the email message does not

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hidden text

by MarkSpeevak In reply to Outlook 2003 problem

make sure the font is not 'hidden".
Format, font, and under "all caps" you will see the 'hidden' selection and check box

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hidden text

by allan In reply to hidden text

I tried this solution but the text is not hidden. The fault I have now isolated to only occuring if I send the email from within excel

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Blank emails after sending

by raymond.lahaye In reply to Outlook 2003 problem

Does anyone know a sollution? When I send an email with an excel attachment. The one who receives the email has only the attachment and the body is empty (blank).

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Did you try the suggestions here?

by w2ktechman In reply to Blank emails after sendin ...

I think that we are looking for feedback on if any of these suggestions worked.

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by allan In reply to Did you try the suggestio ...

Thanks to all who have posted suggestions but none have worked. I have now eliminated a number of other points and find that it only when I email from within the file/send option in excel that my problem occurs. If I attach the spreadsheet to the email it does get through.

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Outlook 2003 Error.

by gkrishna_rath In reply to Blank emails after sendin ...

Hello Mr. Raymond,

Tools --> Options --> Mail Format --> Compose in this massage format: Plain Text
Apply & Ok...
Now try to send a mail with excel attachement. to you and CC to to your friend..

Still if you are facing the same problem...then Uninstall The Ms Office & ReInstall again...It will work..

Thank You
GK Rath

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