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Outlook 2003 reading html email, links that contain ?id= treated as jpg img

By redhat ·
I just came across a weird issue. I use asp scripts to send email newsletters out for clients websites (not spam) and they work great in Outlook Express, but in Outlook 2003 I just started to have a weird issue...

I had a link at the top that said

If this message is garbled, please copy and paste this link into your web browser: http://www.website.com/Newsletters/Newsletter.Email.Public.asp?ID=7

In outlook express the link works perfectly.

but in Outlook 2003 it treats the link as if it is an attachment, because when you click on it, it opens a dialog box with title "Opening Mail Attachment" and it reads "You should only open attachments from a trustworthy source". then the name of the attachment is "ATT00082.jpg" and when you open the attachment, it is one of the graphic images embedded in the email, closest to the link.

So I thought maybe a tag wasn't closing properly and it was thinking the link was an image, but the email was displaying properly. So through about 20 trial and errors of changing the link and code attributes, it turns out that this is what happens:

If I remove the ?ID=7 from the end of the href of the link, then it treats it as a normal link and opens a web page. But I need the ID=7 to tell the script which newsletter to open. So I change my script to use the letter N instead of ID, as in ?N=7, instead of ?ID=7, and the link works perfectly, opening a browser window instead of try to open an attachment inside Outlook 2003.

Is there some secret code inside Outlook 2003 that if it sees a link that has the ?ID= in it, it treats it as a security risk and forces it to open the link as an attachment? Weird....

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