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Outlook 2003 Shared Calendar not always updating

By mailcmw ·
Hi everyone

I am hoping someone may be able to help me

I have just taken over the IT work at a small company with 3 offices two of which run exchange and outlook 2003. The company uses quite a number of shared calendars. The problem they are having is that sometimes some of the shared calendars are not being refreshed to the other people that are looking at them from client machines. This then means that appointments are being made in times that have been already used for other appointments. The company has 3 sites and 2 exchange servers and they use terminal services and 2x application server for remote sessions.

Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated


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Are you using Outlook Web Access?

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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I am not using Outlook Web Access

by mailcmw In reply to Are you using Outlook Web ...

The setup of the business is.

3 sites and each has a cisco 877 adsl router with adsl 2 internet connections. Each site is in town so they are getting good connection speeds to the net ( about 20 meg ). 2 of the sites have the cisco routers with fixed ipsec vpn's to the main site.

2 of the sites have 2003 servers with exchange 2007. The smallest site doesnt have a server, just 3 workstations.

The woman that is complaining about her calendar not refreshing is at the smallest site, so she would be getting her outlook calendar via the adsl 2 connection, however we can get some users to add appointments to shared calendars and they will appear straight away for her, however on other occasions she will not see appointments that other people have made and consequently she will go to make an appointment at a time which has already been taken by someone else and not be warned at the time that the space is already taken.

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Sharing Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Contacts

For many offices, the most frustrating experience related to Microsoft Outlook is finding out that, unless you are using Microsoft Exchange Server, there is no simple, built-in, reliable method for sharing contacts and calendars. That's right, there's no "magic wand" you can wave to enable people to easily share Outlook data without Exchange.

One reason that this goal of sharing is so elusive is that standalone users store data in Personal Folders .pst files. However, two people cannot work from the same Personal Folders .pst file at the same time, because these files are not designed for shared access. The same problem occurs if two people try to look at the same Personal Address Book. Of course, if two people share the same computer at different times of the day, they can share data; see Sharing Microsoft Outlook Info on One PC. A relatively recent development is the advent of a few products that can bypass the shared access limitations of PST files.

New in Outlook 2007, is calendar publishing. This feature allows you to email all or part of your calendar, or publish it to the Internet or any a WEBDAV server. Right click on the name of the calendar you wish to share to see these options. Microsoft currently offers free publishing to their Office Online website. See Share Calendars with Local Users using Internet Publishing to learn how to publish the calendar to your own WEBDAV server.

Some of the tools for synchronizing Outlook data via the Web also allow other people to access the information. You can use the Yahoo and MSN/Hotmail calendars to share your appointments with others. Intellisync is available for Yahoo and MSN Premium users can use the Outlook connector to sync their appointments with the web based calendar.
These might help you.
I have not found the simple solution as of yet, but i am still looking.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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