Outlook 2003 Signature Image Problem

By thunderbolt16 ·
Hey all,

I am trying to troubleshoot a Outlook 03 issue. I have a signature, and I have a corporate logo above the text with name and info and whatnot. When I look at the file on MS word editing the sig, it displays the image. When I load the image in outlook it shows an image in the sig preview. When i open a message to send an email, the image is displayed as a broken link.

I check the security settings, tried three different files types for the image, tried RTF and HTML signatures and no dice.

I checked activex and tried a repair. Anyone got any ideas?

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Avoid editing in Word

by Baron Orlando In reply to Outlook 2003 Signature Im ...

Here's how I set mine up...

In Outlook, go to the Edit Siganture screen. Don't click "Advanced Edit".

If I understood your post correctly, you should see the signature you previously created in Word.

Delete the broken image link.

Right-Click where you want the image to be placed and select "Insert Image".

Click the browse button to find the image.

That should do it. By the way, you don't want to move your image file to a different location after creating your signature. I believe Outlook stores the path, instead of the actual image, in the signature.

Good luck and I hope that helped.

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Smart Tags as Culprit

by thunderbolt16 In reply to Avoid editing in Word

I tried that after some web research, and that didn't solve the issues. I found the fix on another forum and will post it here for future reference.

The broken images were a result of the embedded smart tags from word. The resolution of that issue is this:

MS Word:
Tools->Options->Save->Disable Embed Smart tags
Tools->Options->Other->Disable the Person Names Smart tags

In a few cases the images were still broken. If so, gives this a shot...

In the HTML of the actual signature (you need to view the source)find this string:

and replace it with the path to the image:
"C:/Documents and Settings/...../image.gif"

Thanks for the reply.

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Thanks for the followup

by Baron Orlando In reply to Smart Tags as Culprit

I'm glad you found the solution. I will have to add that to my "toolbox".

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RTF file is Sometimes the Problem for Images in Outlook Signatures

by kmcoder In reply to Smart Tags as Culprit

When Outlook improperly displays images in the signature, the problem is either with the .html or the .rtf file. Check the HTML signature file and the .rtf file in the Outlook Signatures folder.

I had a similar problem, and found the link error was in the .rtf file and not the .html file. Delete the link and re-insert your image in the .rtf file. This should correct the problem for those users where the .html file is correct.

I suspect it has something to do with Outlooking choosing it's best format to send an email, which is based upon the format of the incoming message.

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Versions of MSO also a problem here

by thunderbolt16 In reply to RTF file is Sometimes the ...

You are correct, I have run into problems with RTF as default since MSO 2000. Office XP+ seems to prefer its HTML sigs. The real pain here is setting up all formats of the sig and getting them to all work. That means opening each sig manually from the folder and editing it.

The other issue here is they are running Outlook 03 and office XP. Since they have different versions of office, that means that the relationship between word (the email editor) and outlook (the email client), is less than effective.

This is why the smart tags aren't being displayed properly. so the solution for all of you cursed with a similar problem is:

1) disable smart tags
2) create a signature in any format
3) copy and manually edit the sig in EVERY format (html, rtf, txt)
4) change the activeX security settings in the event they get an error

FYI, there are some computers that still display a grey square behind the image where the red X would be if the image wasn't displaying properly. You can ignore it as it doesnt display to the receiver.

Hope this saves someone form the joy of troubleshooting this...

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Image Resize

by ccavanaugh In reply to Avoid editing in Word

These procedure works, but when inserting the .jpeg image, I have found that the inserted image displays in a larger than desired size. If you insert a 2" x 2" size graphic, how do you insure the size will be maintained when inserted? Should I be using some other graphic format?

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From the Microsoft HELP

by 6aaa In reply to Outlook 2003 Signature Im ...

Note If you are designing your signature in Word, make sure that you press SHIFT+ENTER at the end of each line of text. If you press only ENTER, Outlook inserts your signature so that the recipient sees your signature in double-spaced format.

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