Outlook 2003 to slow to open html emails

By rcardald ·
Outlook 2003 became to slow to open html emails, if I go to Help, Detect and Repair, it works great, but after closing Outlook and start it again it does the same thing.
I've already checked with Process Explorer and there is no any other process taking CPU cycle, it is just Outlook that takes more than 50% of the CPU cycles.
The other way to improve the opening speed is to change Security from Restricted Sites to Internet.
I've tried it shuting down Zone Alarm and Kaspersky but it does not make any difference.
I would appreciate any help.

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I'm having the same issue

by thomas.sebby In reply to Outlook 2003 to slow to o ...

My Outlook is doing the same thing, only with all emails, not just HTML. Every time I open Outlook it reverts back to its sluggish performance. Then I run the Detect and Repair in Outlook's Help menu, and things go back to normal.

I ran the SCANPST on my Outlook.pst file, which found and corrected a number of errors, but made no difference in this issue.

If anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate hearing about them. Thanks.

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You can do it this way

by rcardald In reply to I'm having the same issue

I haven't found a way to solve this problem, even trying changing some keys in the registry, that I got from other forums.
The best way I found to get Outlook 2003 to work fine is, everytime you start the program got to Tools, Options, Security, change from Restricted Sites to Internet, wihtout Applying change back to Restricted Sites and Apply, close the window and Outlook works right until next time you close it.
Let me know if you find what is causing this.

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same problem here

by hideeho In reply to Outlook 2003 to slow to o ...

I have the same EXACT problem.... also waiting for a solution. Thanks for writing this up!

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Here's the explanation and the solution

by andrieum In reply to Outlook 2003 to slow to o ...
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Outlook 2003 slowness issue

by mpasaa In reply to Here's the explanation an ...

Thanks for the link...I actually knew about resetting IE7 but that's like throwing the baby out with the bath water especially when users like the way their IE7 is set up. Clearing zones is much faster and safer.

Personally, I don't use IE at all unless a web site I need to get to only supports that browser but those are becoming far and few between..

Thanks for posting...I saved it off to a tech support document for future reference...


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The deldomains.inf did the trick for me.

by tchambers In reply to Here's the explanation an ...

The deldomains.inf did the trick for me at the bottom of the linked page.

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One incorrect item on their list...

by bkrateku In reply to Here's the explanation an ...

They say using Word 2003 as your editor solves the problem on one of the steps (if you wanted to do that), but I have that set on mine and it made no difference.

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