Outlook 2003 user can?t receive from another local network user

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A user on our network reported that some time ago she had to create a simple rule (send to Inbox if from x user) in order to receive e-mails from another user on our network. The user never reported this at the time. When she receives e-mail from this one user, the message is sent to her Inbox AND copied to all the subfolders in her Inbox. She does not have any problems receiving mail from other users. Obviously no rule is needed to receive messages from other users on our network. The user will not receive e-mails from the other user if the rule is deleted (or unchecked). The Exchange admin has checked the user?s account and has not found anything.

The following has been checked
-No other Rules are being applied to the sender on the user?s PC.
-Checked Junk Mail folder settings.
-Checked Send/Receive settings.
-Ran MS Office Outlook and MS Office repair.
-No multiple instances of Outlook.exe were found.
-Does not occur on other PC?s

Is it possible that a rule created on another PC is causing the problem? Is it possible that a hidden rule is being applied on the network? Please help!

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by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Outlook 2003 user can?t r ...

Yes, it's not only possible but highly probable that another rule is causing the problem. They aren't hidden, but some of the settings may not APPEAR to effect that particular sender even though they do. Just guessing, but more than likely there is a rule to handle mail coming from a "specific group" that instantly deletes the email without sending it to the deleted items first. This one user is evidenlty a member of that "group" or their email fits the criteria without anyone realizing it. OR, there's a rule searching for a specific word in the header/subject or body and that specific word is contained somewhere in every mail the user sends.

Search through EVERY rule, specific item by specific item, till you find the correlation. An easy way to fix it till you find it is to make sure that NO rules automatically delete email without going to the deleted items first. That way, you can at least see the email come into the deleted items folder and have a chance to move it to the inbox manually until you find which rule is doing it.

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