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    Outlook 2003 users need admin rights?


    by roberth5 ·

    I am setting up a new workstation (running xp pro) on our SBS 2003 network. I joined the domain however when logged in on this new workstation under the users acct, I can not run Outlook 2003, I get a window that says “cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook”. If I log on as the admin account, it runs fine…

    I do not know if it is related, however I can not download files from IE 7 either when logged on as the “User”. I have to log on as admin to download a file like Adobe Reader for example.

    Additionally I get that runonce everytime I open IE7 no matter how many times I click through it and save the settings.

    Are these related problems? Is there a solution?

    Thanks, Robert

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      by roberth5 ·

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      Give it temp admin rights…

      by thumbsup2 ·

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      Give the user temporary local admin rights while you’re setting everything up. This allows Office, IE and other programs to complete their installation for that user. Once you’ve gotten the software installed, remove the temporary admin rights.

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