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    Outlook 2003


    by davep.l ·

    Company uses Office 2003, and when I move a user to a new desk(an all to frequent occurence) and set up an email account, I’m always confronted with a old user as the default email recipient, even though that email address has been deleted. How can I clear out the email lists on individual pc’s. I know I’m being a bit thick here and I should know the answer!!

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      by davep.l ·

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      Outlook 2003 has an automatic completion for any email address..

      by peconet tietokoneet ·

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      This might fix this problem,
      there are two ways around this. The easiest way is this:

      Start typing in the address that shows up incorrectly.
      Hit the Down arrow key to select the auto completed address.
      Hit the Delete key to delete the auto complete address

      The other way is by opening the profile folder and deleting the .nk2 file.

      Open up windows explorer, and paste the following into the address bar:

      Delete the Outlook.NK2 file that you find in this folder.

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