Outlook 2007 - 100% CPU Utilization

By nabeel.moeen ·

I have been using Outlook 2007 for a few months now. Since yesterday I am having the problem that whenever I run Outlook the CPU utilization goes to 100% and stays there.

I haven't made any modifications or installed add-ins for since at least the last 2 weeks.

I tried disabling all add-ins (Linked In, SMS, etc). and running in Safe Mode but to no avail.
Repaired the OST and PSTs, but that doesnt work either.
I remember i had this problem a while back and uninstalling Windows Live messenger fixed it (reason was i noticed whenever i would run outlook the Live messenger Icon would appear in the system tray).

The same solution doesnt work now.
I've tried everything I could and totally lost.
would appreciate any help offered :)

(Have the official update for OL 2007 performance issues installed)

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by erik In reply to Outlook 2007 - 100% CPU U ...

Having similar results on my machine. I go up to 40-50% CPU for Outlook but it's still very frustrating. Any insight would be much appreciated.

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Outlook 2007 started to make 100% load waves.. - solved

by xrenix In reply to Outlook 2007 - 100% CPU U ...

Hi ppl, i had the same problem.. tryed lots of tools but nothing helped.. after about 20 seconds of running outlook used to make a long waves of 100% cpu load and then release.. and the same again and again.. no scanninig or repairing would help.
i've understood it was something in the PST file..
the simpliest resolution was just by adding a new storage file.. and moving everything into it. it was very simple and quick and solved the problem. i've set the new one to be default, removed the old one at all and just updated the Rules to the new folders.
was so frastrated by this problem that when solved it, just had to to share! :)


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