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    Outlook 2007 & 2010


    by gbrussow ·

    We are running Small Business Server 2003 Premium edition, ISA is installed on the server. We use Exchange. If we received HTML e-mails when we are at the office on the network, Outlook 2007 & 2010 do not download the images, but if we are off the network and download e-mail via a 3G data card the html images download in the mails. How can a person get Outlook to download the HTML images when connected to the network?

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      by gbrussow ·

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      What is running on the Server and What Rules are set?

      by oh smeg ·

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      Here I mean what is Set in Active Directory or Group Policies which may be responsible for this happening?

      Here I would be looking at Internal Network Rules as the problem, as it doesn’t happen when a computer not attached to the Network downloads E-Mails from the Exchange Server.

      It’s also possible that every installation of Outlook is set not to display Images as well but I would be looking at the Internal Network Rules first. 😉


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      Configure automatic picture download

      by peconet tietokoneet ·

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