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By frantic ·
When oitlook is initially installed with Microsoft Office Professional it will start up and configure accounts. The syatem will operate ok untill it is closed.It willnot close unless it is forced to close . A message will appear saying outlook is not responding and it will need to be forced to close .After it is closed it will not startup again ,it will come up with a message saying file was not closed properly and is being checked for problems.After this check the program goes no further.The outlook screen is present but it contains no data and the only way to close it is through a forced close .To get it to operate again I have to do a clean install is to uninstall office completely and removing the office keys from the registry and restarting the computer and the doing a new instaqll .
I have been onto Microsoft and they have told me I should reformat and start over again ? I do not want to do bthis as I have a number of upgraded programs and do not have the original disks any more .
My op sysrem is microsoft XP sp2 and my computer is an intel Board with a Pentium 4 and I have 10 gigabyte freespace on my hard drive .
Has anyone got any ideas ?

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by the.liquidated.prophecy In reply to Outlook 2007

Microsoft would tell you to reformat as that's most people's answer to everything.

May I suggest completely removing Office Professional, re-install it from scratch, but install all applications to run from your hard drive.

Once that's done, don't do an automatic configure. When it starts to do it, force close it, then re-open and manually enter your details.

If it still doesn't work, check out the specifications for MS Outlook against your PC.

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Outlook 2007 problem

by frantic In reply to Hi


Thanks for your help - I was having trouble on forcing a manual configuration .I decided to try and create a brand new default file by moving my old files into a new directory . This worked and i wondered why ? I looked at my old file and realised it was 3.6 gigabyte.I had been told before that outlook has problems with a pst file approaching 2 gigabyte .I am now working on archiving most of the old file so that i can extract my latest emails into my newer file .Once again thanks .

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