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By r.reich ·
I've started having problems with my contacts in Outlook 2007. When I type in a contacts name the correct email address shows but when I send it goes to someone else in my contacts list.

Example I type in Joe and his email shows but when it sends it goes to Mary at

When I try to delete his name and reenter the contact information the incorrect information keeps coming up. Any ideas how to solve this problem? It's not every contact just a few this is happening to. I'm running Office 2007 on Windows 7 Pro on a local domain.
Thanks for your help.

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try without autocomplete

by netwrk_admn In reply to Outlook 2007

Have you tried without the name suggestions? You can either, while typing the TO: address, highlight the suggested person and hit DEL, OR you can turn it off completely by Tools -> Options -> Email Options -> Advanced Email Options -> Suggest Names While Completing the TO CC and BCC fields.

Maybe something in that cache got screwed up.

Another suggestion - try creating a new profile and, if using personal folders, attach it to the new profile.

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Did That

by r.reich In reply to try without autocomplete

Yes I tried just deleting the suggested person using Delete, it worked for a few weeks then the problem came back, and creating a new profile. I'll try turning it off completely. I'm just not sure how it's happened, I'm wondering if it might be something with Win7. I never experienced this with XP.


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