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    Outlook 2007 99-100% CPU utilization


    by nabeel.moeen33060 ·


    I am having the following problem with Outlook 2007. Whenever I run
    outlook the CPU utilization goes up over 99%. I’ve been using OL 2007
    for over 4 months and it was working fine.

    Tried repairing/recreating the OST and PST files.
    Tried disabling all Add-ins (LinkedIn, Outlook Connector, etc.)
    tried running Outlook in Safe Mode.

    Nothing seems to work.
    Anyone has any ideas as to what might be wrong?? I havent recently
    installed or uninstalled anything on my machine.

    I am running Windows XP with Service Pack 2, Norton Antivirus,
    RealSecure Desktop protector

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      by nabeel.moeen33060 ·

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      Similar Results

      by erik ·

      In reply to Outlook 2007 99-100% CPU utilization

      I’m getting very similar results on Vista. Vista Ultimate, latest updates, Norton Internet Security 2008 (add-on pack including anti-spam NOT installed). My utilization is only going up to about 40-50% but it’s still very frustrating.

      My OST is only 823K so I doubt it’s a problem with large OST/PST files (though I did check to make sure that update was installed).

      Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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        Same problem

        by ranmic1 ·

        In reply to Similar Results

        i encountered the same problem.
        for me it happens whenever i receive an appointment from a certain user. when i try to open the appointment iutlook get stuck and the outlook process stays steady at 50% CPU.
        if i run outlook in safe mode i am able to delete the message but only delete, if i try to shift+delete the message or if try to empty my recycle bin i encounter the same problems.

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      Issue Resolved

      by nabeel.moeen33060 ·

      In reply to Outlook 2007 99-100% CPU utilization


      In my case I was able to identify the issue after an extensive search on Google for this specific issue. One of the posts on a newsgroup mentioned that you might face this problem due to corrupted calendar entries.
      In my case I tried removing all calendar entries from OWA but that did not resolve the issue.
      After a couple of attempts I realized that the Tasks are very tightly integrated with calender in OL 2007.
      The attempt at removing all Tasks seemed to solve the issue for me.

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        That is a good thing to know.

        by boxfiddler ·

        In reply to Issue Resolved


        edit typo

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        An additional tip

        by jayhill ·

        In reply to Issue Resolved

        Outlook has quite a few command line switches that can be appended to shortcut links or when launching from the “Run” command line window.

        Often using Run>
        outlook.exe /cleanreminders
        will repair the issue you had without having to actually remove any appointments or tasks.

        It just removes the reminders and then recreates them.

        For more info. on Outlook command line switches, just Google outlook switches and you should be able to find plenty.

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          Outlook 2007 using too much CPU

          by wyndham ·

          In reply to An additional tip

          I have recently restored my PC (Windows 7 64bit) to an early version and have just installed Office 2007.

          For some reason Outlook is using too much CPU – I have 8Gb and Outlook is using between 24 and 35%.

          I’ve tried to follow the various suggestions – cleaned tasks, deleted not needed folders, run ScanPST, compressed data files (PST files), run Outlook with various “clean” switches, checked MS update for latest updates, run Office repair and still have the problem.

          I’ve also run system file checker (sfc) and checked my HDD(s) for errors.

          I removed my PST files (I have 3) and discovered that one of them was causing the CPU to run high. There is no calendar, no tasks in this PST file. It’s had ScanPST do it’s thing and it’s been compressed. what else should I do? Perhaps re-create by moving all data to a new PST? I’ll post the results here.

          Any ideas?

          I moved all my folders containing emails to the new PST file and removed the one PST file which was causing the CPU to run high. Voila! Problem solved.

          I did notice before I removed it, that Outlook was not displaying my tasks correctly. I had previously tried to clean this up without success. After removing the “bad” PST file, my tasks now displayed correctly so it would appear the problem was related to corrupted tasks.

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