Outlook 2007 - Backup/export ALL settings?

By viProCon ·
Hi all. I've been trying to find a way to [easily] backup all files and settings for a user in Outlook 2007 and can't seem to find a product or function that fully does this.
By "all files", I mean any PST's they have (Outlook.pst, username.pst, archive.pst, etc.). The hard part is the settings. By settings, I mean:

- Signature file(s)

- All mail server settings (server names, user login/passwords etc, port and security options, and so on).

- TO: field history - in a non-Exchange environment - and let's pretend your Contacts folder is empty - Outlook remembers the addresses you've previously used so when you start typing their name it'll auto-fill in the rest. This is't a feature of Contacts because when I restore a user's PST (woth Contacts contained within) to a new PC I don't get the TO: field history. So this info must be stored someplace else I guess.

- If somebody were to cofigure Outlook to use digital signatures, certificates or vCards and pretty much any other setting that might have been changed from Outlook defaults, is there a way to back this up so it can be restores, without me having to go screen-by-screen in Outlook writing down or screenshoting every configuration option?

So far I've confirmed that copying the PST's alone isn't enough. Also, using Outlooks Export/Import features doesn't do it either, I still have to effectively completely re-configure Outlook on the new PC to match the settings on the old one.

And again, this is for non-Exchange environments and also most of my users are using Outlook 2007 with POP3/SMTP to an ISP's email server.

Thanks anybody!

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by BFilmFan In reply to Outlook 2007 - Backup/exp ...

For the general location of files see the article

To backup files, see

The auto complete files are stored in a file with the extension of .NK2. I dont recommend that you attempt to carry that file over, as it tends to become corrupted and cause more issues. If you users are too lazy to type, it's a bad economy and new users are cheaper than the old ones....


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by viProCon In reply to Answers to questions

I'm laughing because I can just picture me saying that to one particular client and the resultant look on their faces. I will check this stuff out tomorrow. Thank you very much for the links, glad to know the task isn't impossible. I"ll experiment with the nk2 but will keep your advice in mind.

What's funny is that some think that this nk2 history thing IS their contacts database and are surprised to find otherwise. "You mean all my contacts for the past 3 years are gone because I never saved them?!".

Thanks again.

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Been there, done that!

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to hahaha

Yep, it's amazing that people think the history is really their contact list and don't know enough to add people to their stored contacts so they can be backed up.

One thing to note though. The nk2 file can be opened with Notepad and saved as a plain text file. You can hand that over to people and tell them to PUT THEM IN THEIR DANGED CONTACT LIST BEFORE THEY LOOSE THEM!!!! Then, as they use the TO field to select them, they'll eventually end up back in the newly created nk2 file so they can just type a few letters again to find them, until the next computer!

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by viProCon In reply to Been there, done that!

Ok, take my previous post and double it's effect on the customer. I just opened my own nk2 file in NOtepad and while it does indeed have the Name + email address for a given person, it has about a 10:1 ratio of junk text seperating it. Not a problem for an experienced tech to parse through but guaranteed it would be a memorable few hours for an end-user. They'd never forget to save to Contacts after that.

Very nice.

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