Outlook 2007: CPU usage

By r ·
I have a new Dell XPS M 1330 with a preinstalled MS Office. My Outlook 2007 continuously requires 20 to 50% of CPU. Sometimes it stops responding. The e-mail preview often blocks, especially after using the Business contact manager. The software is updated (including SP1 for Office and McAffee). I would be very grateful for a hint.

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Consider these applications to be removed...

by gsale51 In reply to Outlook 2007: CPU usage

Consider the fact that most antiVirus applications are resource demanding. The first thing I would do is step down the antivirus to something like Nod32 found at (I do not work for them). This should drop the background resource demand by a significant chunk. You should also consider removing any other garbage programs that are not in use on that machine, like AOL and Kodak. Also, anything like HP customer experience and hp updates. When finished removing everything you will never use - including business contact manager if you really do not need it... is to defrag the drive. The next thing I would do is immediately go to the microsoft web site and grab the latest and greatest updates for Office 2007.

If you still have resource intensive CPU usage, then you will have removed a LOT of problems and more easily pinpoint the issue.
Dell XPS is from the Dell consumer side of their company, and they will load your new computer with all kids of ads and free trial software that only slows your machine down.

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No solution yet, Outlook still hooking up

by r In reply to Consider these applicatio ...

Thank you very much for your hints. I tried many things. At first the problem seemed to disappear when I deactivated the anti-Spam function of McAffee. But it has returned after the last automatic updates. Not only Outlook uses much resources, but at some point it stops to respond. When closing the application, according to the task manager an outlook process remains busy with 30-60% CPU use.

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You need to download

by ComputerCookie In reply to No solution yet, Outlook ...

process monitor, co-authored by the guy who wrote sysinternals, go to MS.

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Sorry didn't realise you were non IT

by ComputerCookie In reply to Outlook 2007: CPU usage
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probelm solved

by r In reply to Sorry didn't realise you ...

Thank you very much for this hint. It was of great help. With this tool I was able to identify the problem: The Dell MediaDirect Software caused endless loops in Outlook. After deinstalling it I now had no problems since weeks. I think the Dell hotline should have been aware of this risk.

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