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Distribution list in Outlook 2007
I am currently using Outlook 2007. I've created "some" distribution lists and begin struggling when using any of the lists. Every Time when I am sendling to one the list an error message "An unexpected error occurred" pops and the email will not go through. I'd appreciate any comment that could be helped to solve this matter.


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re: Outlook 2007 Distribution List problems

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to OUTLOOK 2007 DISTRIBUTION ...

Create a new email and add just one of the distribution lists in the TO field. Click the plus sign next to it and expand all of the names on the list. Look for one or more names that do not underline themselves. That one will be the culprit in the distribution list. Close that email window, open the distribution list and remove the culprit. Save the list. Now, try a new email with that list and see if it goes through. Repeat the process until you've got them all working.

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Outlook 2007 distribution list issue

by noels0ma13 In reply to re: Outlook 2007 Distribu ...

I am having the same problem, but when hitting the "+", it will not allow that operation. Most of the distribution lists I have used, work correctly, but this one does not. I have created a new list and added those people, but it will not work when emailing from the list, but only when sending them mail individually. I belileve this is a proble with the individual contact on that distribution list, but since I can send mail to them outside the list, your troubleshooting method has not worked for me. Do you have any other ideas?


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Outlook 2007 Distrubution List Issue

by delia55 In reply to Outlook 2007 distribution ...

I had the exact issue you described and tried all the potential solutions you tried. Just this morning I believe I found the answer (after a month of trying to solve it).
First, taking out the offending email addresses didn't solve the "unexpected error" problem. Recreating my distribution list did not solve the problem, either, UNTIL I recreated it using a different name for my distribution list. Once I used a brand new name, everything worked fine. My theory is that Outlook remembered the old name (even though I had deleted it and I can't see it anywhere) and continued to consider it a problem list. It is annoying that the old name still shows up on auto-fill (even though it is not in my contacts), but at least the new list does what it is supposed to do.

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re: fix autofill

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Outlook 2007 Distrubution ...

To remove the old list name from autofill (remembered addresses), use the up/down arrow keys to highlight it, then press DELETE.

By the way, nice to know you found a way to fix the problem. I suspect that your suspicions (sp?) are correct. It never crossed my mind to tell someone to give the new list a new name, because that's the way I've always done it. I use the old one to look at while creating the new, then delete the old. I guess I thought that everybody did it that way! :0

<edit: dang, I gotta reinstall that spell checker!>

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Fix Autofill

by delia55 In reply to re: fix autofill

Thanks for the kind words on the distribution fix. I tried your solution for autofill, and it worked. Thank you.

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You're welcome....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Fix Autofill

Glad that it helped.


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Another fix

by comptutor In reply to You're welcome....

For those of you that might still stumble on this, you can just open the old list, and rename it.... this worked for me.

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Super Fix!

by jhinkens In reply to You're welcome....

Thanks so much. I've been wrestling with that distribution list error from Outlook 2003 clear up to Outlook 2007. What a pain. The autofill fix remedied the problem in seconds.
Hats off to you.

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by rtkraus In reply to Outlook 2007 Distrubution ...

That fixed it. Thanks for finding the workaround to this quirk.

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Rename Distribution List fix

by lcwalsh In reply to Outlook 2007 Distrubution ...

Thanks for posting this fix. We recently (finally!) upgraded to 2007 and kept getting this same error. Renaming the offending distribution group worked beautifully!

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