Outlook 2007, dont'always see tasks & flagged e-mails

By sgauthier ·
Some days I will get notified of scheduled meetings and flagged e-mails and other days no reminders appear. When I don't receive any reminders, there is an error message where the tasks and flagged e-mails would reside: "The operation failed. An object could not be found." When I click on the tasks icon (under the calendar on the left), I get "folder could not be found"

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Sounds as if something has been corrupted

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Outlook 2007, dont'always ...

You can try deleting the E-Mail Account and recreating it,

Or you can create a New User Profile and then a E-Mail account and see if that makes any difference or you can try uninstalling Office and then reinstalling it after a Reboot.

Also how big is the PST File on this system. If it's over 2 GIG you need to Archive most of the stored File and then try again with a much smaller File. Outlook was never designed to store huge amounts of Data.


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no corruption - but upgraded to 2007 from 2003

by sgauthier In reply to Sounds as if something ha ...

E-mail was recently upgraded from Outlook 2003 to 2007 (along with most of the Office components).

Task & e-mail reminders were working after the upgrade and then disappeared. I then go them back for a day or two and then they disappeared again. Yesterday, I did not have reminders and today they DO work.

I checked the size of the PST file and it is over 2 GB. However, other colleagues have much larger PST files and they have no problems with reminders, so it appears to be local and our IT is clueless.

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Exchange environment?

by seanferd In reply to Outlook 2007, dont'always ...

Domain environment with user profiles and data stored on a server? You may simply not be connected.

Otherwise, I would think your Outlook profile is corrupted, or that Outlook itself is corrupted.

There should be a detect and repair option, probably under Help.

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diagnostics run

by sgauthier In reply to Exchange environment?

Ran diagnostics found under HELP > Office Diagnostics. There were 5 diagnostics that ran and 1 of them (setup diagnostics)idenitified a problem that took a corrective action.

Will have to wait and see if this permanently corrected the problem.

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I hope this corrected the problem you have experienced.

by seanferd In reply to diagnostics run

It would then be nice if it stays fixed. Good luck!

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