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    Outlook 2007 e-mails in Inbox disappearing


    by randyw ·

    I currently have a Dell laptop running MS Office 2007 Pro. Suddenly today, all the e-mails in my inbox disappeared. They are not in my deleted items folder, they just disappear. If I close Outlook 2007 on my laptop & login as myself on a computer running Office 2003, I can open my e-mails, any new e-mails, or any messages I move into my inbox stay there like they are suppose to. I can close the Outlook 2003 & go back into Outlook 2007 on my own laptop & the e-mails may stay for a bit, but they will eventually disappear. This doesn’t seem to affect any other folders, but my inbox messages just go away. THis happened seemingly out of the blue. No changes to my own laptop & nothing on the server. What could be causing this? Havce you seen this happen before?

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      by randyw ·

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      outlook issues

      by tanners_81 ·

      In reply to Outlook 2007 e-mails in Inbox disappearing

      Do you have more than one computer, PDA, blackberry, etc., that you use to access your email? If you do, check the settings to see if they are both set to leave a copy of the email on the server.
      To do this:
      *Open outlook
      *Click on Tools and then click on ?Account Settings?
      *Click on your email account and then click on ?Change? (towards the top)
      *Click on ?More Settings?
      *Click on the ?Advanced? tab
      *At the bottom, you want to make sure that the option to save the emails on the server is selected (this needs to be done on all systems/devices you use to access this email account).

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        Reponse To Answer

        by rdlane ·

        In reply to outlook issues

        all of my devices have the email on the server, the server (gmail) still has all of my email but nothing old on incoming shows in the outlook inbox

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      Current View Has Changed

      by jax_cracker ·

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      On the taskbar check VIEW…CURRENT VIEW

      Ensure that MESSAGES has a check next to it. I found a user with this problem. She’d inadvertently changed the setting to UNREAD MESSAGES IN THIS FOLDER.

      Cleared the problem right up.

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      Are you missing email?.. This might help you….

      by Anonymous ·

      In reply to Outlook 2007 e-mails in Inbox disappearing

      “My email is disappearing” is a simple question frequently posed to Outlook and Exchange support groups. There are several causes for this phenomenon. The most common causes are filtered views, rules on the client, or an improperly configured Exchange account. Less common is an anti-spam or content manager scanner removing suspect messages.

      If your mail disappears as soon as you’ve read it, it’s probably because you’re using a read-only view. The default Outlook setting for the preview or reading pane is Mark as read after 5 seconds and when the view refreshes the message is hidden. It’s less of a problem with Outlook 2003 because the view isn’t refreshed until you leave a folder and return or press F5.

      If you’re using Exchange and you see the message arrive in the Inbox and it immediately disappears, you likely have a *.pst configured as the default delivery location. With the *.pst set as the default delivery location, the messages are moved out of the mailbox and into the *.pst as they arrive in Outlook. Verify the profile is using the Exchange mailbox as the message store not a personal message store. Look for this setting in Tools, Email accounts, View or change existing email accounts. It’s at the bottom of the Account manager dialog. In Outlook 97/98/2000, look for account properties using the Tools, Services dialog.

      If the delivery location is correct and you don’t have another profile open on another computer getting you email, or aren’t using an Exchange mailbox, check the rules in Tools, Rules Wizard. Disable all of the rules and re-enable them one at a time, verifying they work as expected.

      Both Exchange and POP3 accounts can have errant rules moving messages to another folder. While rules are less likely to cause a message to disappear right before your eyes, rules are responsible when you see or hear the new mail notification alert but discover there isn’t new mail in the Inbox.

      If the email server uses a content control or anti-spam scanner and mail you’re expecting doesn’t arrive, check for quarantined messages. In most cases the messages are quarantined before they make it to Outlook, but some scanners can be run offline, (i.e., after the mail is in your Inbox). While the junk email feature in Outlook 2003 doesn’t have a “run offline” feature, the junk email filter scans all the email in all Exchange mailbox folders when you create a new cached mode message store, moving suspected junk email to the junk email folder. So if you’re using Outlook 2003 and are missing email after creating a new *.ost, look in the Junk email folder.
      AutoArchive can be the cause when older email is missing. Verify your autoarchive settings in Tools, Options, Other, AutoArchive and search your hard drive for archive.pst. Open the archive.pst using File, Open, Outlook data store to browse your archived messages.

      Of course, one of our favorite “email is missing” causes is human error. How many times have we intended to drop a message in one folder, and just missed, dropping it somewhere else? Watch that hand-eye coordination and you may save a few missing messages as well.

      Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
      If this information is useful, please mark as helpful. Thanks.

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        Possible to extract mail from orphaned OST?

        by neophyte740 ·

        In reply to Are you missing email?.. This might help you….

        My Exchange died and left a couple of OST files orphaned.

        Outlook/Send and Receive will retrieve email from web host’s email server, but hides them (I’m guessing) in the orphaned OST file…the junk mail ends up in the junk folder.

        I did have some rules set up in Outlook prior to the Exchange server crash. I did make copies of the Outlook and BCM folders, then made a new user profile in on my Vista Business 64bit machine. So, any file linking/associating the OST/outlook profile with the dead Exchange server should still be available; and I have not attempted to connect this laptop to any other Exchange server.

        I have since exported the accessible mail items to a PST, created a new profile, added the email address/accounts to that new profile. Then opened Outlook using the new profile, imported the backup-PST to the new PST and can send/receive without any issues.

        The question is…is there a way to extract/recover the items in the OST file?

        Is there really any legit OST recovery SW?

        Thank you in advance.

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          Why would there be one?

          by thumbsup2 ·

          In reply to Possible to extract mail from orphaned OST?

          Since the OST file is synchronized with the Exchange Server each time Outlook is connected to it, there’s no reason to need anything to extract/recover from the OST file. That’s because the server gets backed up regularly, right? Ummmm…. you did do backups, right? 😉

          But, what you can do, now that you’ve connected to a new Exchange server and created a new OST file, is to first set Outlook to work offline, then close it down after it’s all done synchronizing. Now, go to where the new OST file is stored on this particular system and replace the new OST file with the old OST file (using the same name as the new file), keeping a copy of the old OST file stored somewhere for safety though.

          Start Outlook back up leaving it set to work offline. Drag and drop anything you need from the now visible old OST file (Mailbox – name) to the local PST (Personal Folders) file.

          Now, click the offline down arrow in the lower right corner, then click the now checked Work Offline which is a toggle… clicking a checked selection will uncheck it… then it will ask you to login. Once connected, it will resynchronize from the server down into the OST file. If it’s corrupt, you can safely shut down Outlook when it’s done doing what it can, then delete the OST file and restart Outlook. It will recreate a new OST file and resynchronize with the server.

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      Check yor view setting — Outlook 2007 email disappearance

      by ronmaagero ·

      In reply to Outlook 2007 e-mails in Inbox disappearing

      I just had a user with the same issue of Inbox items “disappearing”; her Current View was set to “Unread Messages in this folder.” So therefore anything read would not show; and search did not “display” the “inbox items” either, because they were “read”…changed Current View to “Messages” and all is well. The issue thru me for loop.

      Hope this helps.

      -Ron Maagero

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      plzzz help

      by sfariya786 ·

      In reply to Outlook 2007 e-mails in Inbox disappearing

      I have tried everything mentined above….but still the problem exist…Still the mails in my inbox disappear within few seconds…They are not getting stored even in my archives…But if i see my inbox on the other PC…i can see my mails…Plzzz help me out with this as early as posiible

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        Reponse To Answer

        by bkr61 ·

        In reply to plzzz help

        Not sure of the “fix” for this. I deleted the users profile (backed up the profile first) (not just the outlook profile) and re-created it. This took care of the issue. Too bad, as now I do not have that issue to troubleshoot anymore.

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