Outlook 2007 - Email glich

By roy ·
When sending email, after hitting "send" the email sits indefinitely in the Outbox and does not send. In the Outbox, the problem email's is shown under "Date: None" instead of today's date, and the lettering is normal (as opposed to the usual italics).

If I highlight the problem email in the Outbox, hit the 'Reply to all', a new email is created which will send OK.

Using Outlook 2007 and Windows XP & Norton Internet Security with outgoing email scanning turned OFF.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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by Wizard-09 In reply to Outlook 2007 - Email glic ...

1st of all are you using Exchange if so use the email tracking in Exchange manager and see what processes are talking place this will help you find the problem, how big is the email is thier an attachment on the email if so try sending a email with use the word test as the subject an again trace it.

Keep us informed as to your progress if you require further assistance.

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Not using Exchange

by roy In reply to Check

I'm not using Exchange. The problem is occurring with emails of any size with or without attachments. It happened a few times over the last several months and is now happening all the time, even after rebooting the computer.

I am making no progress and do need more assistance ! Thanks.

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