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    Outlook 2007 Freezing on Server 2012 (ADM template on 2012)?

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    We are using Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise in a remote desktop/terminal services on aServer 2012 R2 in a domain environment. There is a cloud Exchange 2016 server providing email service for users. Outlook 2007 for email access. All uses, remote and on-site of the server, use RDP/TS to the server for their work environment (no users run programs on their local computer, outside of RDP, of course).

    A few users who are use Outlook frequently have had the program freeze or crash on them several times during a day over the last couple months. No changes have occurred with the server environment, network, or internet connections between users and the server. Other programs, like Word, Excel, Chrome, and more demanding industry software are mostly running fine while this is happening with Outlook.

    I’d like to switch users to cached Exchange mode to see if it alleviates the problem, but this option is grayed out in Outlook 2007 in the remote environment for some reason. Therefore, I thought to use group policy to try and force it into cached mode, but the available group policy templates for Office 2007 are in ADM format and are not being recognized by Server 2012 group policy manager.

    Does anyone know if there are ADMX versions of Office 2007 templates or how to use them with server 2012?

    Or, does anyone has any other suggestions to resolving the Outlook issue? I’m open to help. Thank you.

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