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    Outlook 2007 Fuzzy Email Signature


    by lady hawke ·

    Have created a signature in Indesign, exported as EPS, opened in Photoshop and saved as a PNG. Have inserted the PNG file in the email signature. If the email is printed before it’s sent it crisp but after it’s sent to the recipient and printed it’s fuzzy. How do I fix? Have tried other formats including JPEG & gif and all are fuzzy, just some worse than others.

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      by lady hawke ·

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      re Siggy resolution

      by thumbsup2 ·

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      When Outlook sends the siggy image, it decreases the resolution in an attempt to make the sent file size smaller. And, it stores what it created in a cache. So, if you change the image but still give it the same name, Outlook is sending the cached version and not the changed version.

      Of course, your only hope of getting an absolutely clear siggy is to do it in text in the editor instead of in a graphic.

      But, there are a few things you can do to a graphic in Photoshop to reduce the resolution and compress the file size before it’s saved and subsequently added to Outlook as your signature. Before you do that though, remove the signature from Outlook so it doesn’t try to use a cached version of the image. Then, in Photoshop, reduce the resolution to where it’s still clear (not fuzzy) and save it as a JPG compressed as much as you can but still clear. I use about 22% compression in PSP, but you’ll have to play with the numbers in Photoshop to find what works. After the file is saved as JPG, add it back to Outlook and try again.

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