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    Outlook 2007 not receiving mail from Exchange 2003


    by nymnut123 ·

    I just installed Exchange Server 2003 through Small Business Server. I have everything seemingly set up correctly for the test account.

    I can look into the Mailbox store in the Exchange Manager snap-in and see the test mailbox, and see that it has messages in it (both from pop and from internal)

    However, when I try and receive these messages in Outlook 2007 (it connects to the Exchange server fine and says its connected to the mailbox), the messages do not show up in the Inbox. It doesn’t give any errors on Send/Receive, the messages just do not show up. I can send messages (internally) fine, as when I send myself a message it shows up in the mailbox (which I can only see in the Exchange Manager).

    How do I fix this?

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