Outlook 2007 "Not Responding"

By nhiep_nguyen ·

I need your help.
I am using Win 7 Ultimate on my Fujitsu Siemens Laptop and Outlook 2007.
Recently my Outlook is very slow to open and very very often it does not respond when I click on it (whatever the item I click on).
I have to close it by clicking on the X at the upper right corner.
It then offers three option, i.e. Find a solution and restart Or Restart Or Wait for it to respond.
It happenned before from time to time, but now it hapens all the time.
I've checked with Elevated Command Prompt SFC /SCANNOW and no conflict is found.
I have installed Microsoft Security Essentials, Ad-Aware for security.
From time to time I run Malwarebytes too.
Thank you in advance for your help.

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How big is the PST File here?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Outlook 2007 "Not Respond ...

If you don't understand that How much E_Mail is being stored in Outlook?

If the Stored E_Mail is large this dramatically slows the program down you need to Archive the older Mail to cure this problem.

You can Archive it through the program I believe with 2007 it should just be a matter of Left Clicking on File and then Archive in the Drop Down Menu. If it's not there look in the Help File in Outlook.


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Outlook file

by nhiep_nguyen In reply to How big is the PST File h ...

Hello, Thank you for your input.
My OST (in 2007 it's no longer pst file) file is 9 Gig.
Following your suggestion I gonna archive older files now.
As for your another afterthought, I'll try to investigate it a little later.
Thanks for your help.

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That should probably fix it for you.

by seanferd In reply to Outlook file

9 Gb is a bit large, 2 Gb is the recommended limit.

But Outlook does still use PST files, they are just formatted a bit differently from 2K3, which is different from prior versions as well.

Side not: SFC /scannow only checks Windows system files for missing or corrupted files.

Outlook does have a Detect and Repair function, which is under the Help menu in 2K3 - not sure where it would be in 2K7. Office, as a whole, has a repair function in the Add or Remove Programs / Programs and Features contol panel listing for Office.

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by TobiF In reply to Outlook file

As far as I know and remember (If I'm wrong, I hope someone will tell us).
PST is for personal folders
OST is for offline (i.e. synchronized with servers) storage.

Typically, the data in the OST is backed up on the server side (knock on wood), but for the archive or PST file, you need to make sure yourself that the file(s) are backed up. (Either by keeping them on a network drive, with central back-up, or DIY.

I guess a file of 9 gig will send the computer thrashing, as it simply tries to index the file.

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Tobi, you're correct.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to OST vs PST

A .OST is only created if the Outlook profile is configured to cache the mailbox contents locally, at least in Exchange environment. I can't speak for a stand-alone client.

I'm fighting this same battle with multiple users. It appears to have started when we migrated from Outlook 2003 to 2007, and affects users with large (over 1 gig) archives, and appears confined to archives that were created in Outlook 97. 07 doesn't seem to play well with the 97 archive format, although 03 didn't have a problem with it. The amount of time Outlook takes to open and close appears to be directly related to the size of the archives. Running SCANPST on the archive has improved performance tremendously on machine, but has had no impact on two others.

Most of the time I find storage issues are related to attachments, not the messages themselves. This can be relieved by right-clicking the attachment, saving it as a file separate from the message, and then deleting it from the message (or deleting the message entirely).

Another option is to create several new .PST files, transfer data into them, and the close all but the most current one. That's going to take several hours with 9 gig of data.

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Would it be quicker offline?

by TobiF In reply to Tobi, you're correct.

Would the removal of messages to pst files go quicker if the outlook client is offline?

As a side effect, one would not make any changes to the data on the server until one knows for sure that the pst files were created correctly...

BTW, probably good to make a backup of the ost before starting such a task, anyway.

One thing I like to do, is to sort my messages largest first. Then I can quickly do surgery to those 10 giant messages I have left in my inbox and that way get some relief. (But resorting 9 gigs must take ages, maybe better to simply search for messages larger than 5 mb...

Oh. And what about newer versions of outlook, does the "compacting" process run a bit faster nowadays?

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Or - stop synching while fixing this?

by TobiF In reply to Tobi, you're correct.

Or, is it better to temporarily stop the caching (i.e. throw away the ost file) and do all the removal to pst files while the outlook client is working strictly online with the exchange server?

And then turn on caching again, when the inbox is of a more decent size. This way, you don't get stuck with the tedious compacting task.

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9 Gigabytes?!

by NexS In reply to Outlook file
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Another thought is

by NexS In reply to Outlook 2007 "Not Respond ...

To check what processes are running in the task manager.
Make sure that you have Outlook running. And <b>ONLY</b> outlook - that way, it leaves you with only windows and outlook processes to worry about. Note anything with a high CPU usage.

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by nhiep_nguyen In reply to Another thought is

When Outlook is not responding the only processes that run are :
Audiolog.exe at ca 50%
System Idle Process @ 45%
System @ 5 or 6%.
And Outlook.exe @ 0%

When I restart Outlook there are processes : @ 43% @16%.

Recently I suffered a Trojan:win32/Neop.
Run Microsoft Security Essentials, Ad-Aware, MalwareBytes and removed it.

Run Office 2007 / Repair
To no avail.

Now when Outlook runs and I click on a link in an eamil, it cannot go to the app with and error: "An Error Occured in Sending The Command To The Application"!

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