Outlook 2007, occasionally deleted items show as duplicates

By sshepherd ·
Well, I've run into an interesting one here. I have a client who is running Office 2007 with Vista (he also has a BlackBerry Pearl). Some of the items that he deleted from his inbox will show up in the deleted items folder as duplicates. One of the duplicates shows as read and the other as unread. I have compared the headers on the duplicate messages and have confirmed that they are in fact the same message (headers are identical). The duplicate issue does not happen with every item, or even with every sender. It does not always happen with the same sender either. Meeting requests will also duplicate themselves once they are deleted. We have been able to confirm that this is not an Exchange issue (we are running Exchange 2003). We have moved his mail object to a different exchange server, cleaned the client and server rules. We even recreated his mail object. So far nothing has worked. I am not sure if this is a known issue with Office 2007, but I have been unsuccessful trying to find answers on Google. I have yet to hear from anyone that they have run into this same issue. Anyone have any ideas as to what is going on here?


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We're Having the Same Issue

by ssaint In reply to Outlook 2007, occasionall ...

We're having an identical issue (running Exchange 2003 on Windows 2003 Server with Blackberry Enterprise Server Light, user has a BB 7290). I was wondering if you were able to resolve this. Any insight would be helpful.



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Has this been solved?

by fernando.aguero In reply to We're Having the Same Iss ...

Hi there,
I have the exact same issue with a Blackberry user.
Has anyone come across a solution for this?
Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Anyone know a fix?

by mail2 In reply to Has this been solved?

Same issue, Exchange 2003 Server, BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.1, user deletes an Email and it goes to the Deleted items folder and another one appears that is unread.

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Does anyone has the solution?

by ugin In reply to Anyone know a fix?

Hi there, I'm having the same problem with one of my client?s; he is getting duplicated messages on deleted items occasionally. Did you find a solution?, can you please help me?, is driving me nuts..

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Is anyone using AVG 8.x antivirus?

by bradgbell In reply to Does anyone has the solut ...

I am having the exact same problems described in this thread. After considerable time spent with RIM (Blackberry) and our tech support we have narrowed it to AVG Antivirus 8.5. When I turn off mail scanning the duplicate problem goes away.

I am now working with AVG to try and solve this.

I am curious to know if anyone else having this problem is also running AVG?

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User with same problem with AVG8.x

by cferreira In reply to Is anyone using AVG 8.x a ...

I have a user who just started seeing this a few days ago. We are running AVG 8.x and there was a recent update installed. Any solution yet?

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Same problem here

by ksims In reply to User with same problem wi ...

My division director is having the same problem. We are not running AVG 8.x though. Has anyone resolved this issue?

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Duplicate Deleted emails

by jamillerjr1 In reply to Is anyone using AVG 8.x a ...

Yes, We are having the same issue and upgraded most clients to AVG 8.5 this April. Blackberrys were deployed at one client in June and duplicates appeared thereafter on only some systems.

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Also suffering from the same issue..

by contact In reply to Outlook 2007, occasionall ...

Our environment is Exchange 2003, Blackberry Professional Server 4.1, Outlook 2007. Only one user is currently reporting being affected but we've tried creating new mail profiles (worked temporarily, but the issue returned), running office's repair functionality, and running the scanOST/scanPST utilities.

We're not running AVG at all in our environment, however. From reading it here it appears that one thing we all have in common is Blackberry..

Has anyone here made any progress with this issue? Please post back if you have. Thanks.

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Outlook 2007 Deleted items being duplicated

by epinero In reply to Outlook 2007, occasionall ...

Haven't heard anything but could it be an issue arising from multiple log ons to the server simultaneously?

Hope that's an idea...Good Luck

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