Outlook 2007 receives email only on one account

By wyndham ·
I have been using Outlook 2007 for a while happily receiving emails from my personal email account and that provided by my ISP.

Two days ago I started getting errors while trying to retrieve email from my personal email account.

I am still able to receive emails on Mailwasher and webmail so the account and login details are fine.

I've deleted the account from Outlook and recreated with no improvement. I've even uninstalled and re-installed Office (twice) with no success.

I forwarded all the email on my personal account using webmail and then deleted the account from the server just in case it had become corrupted. After recreating my hopes were dashed when Outlook still reports unable to connect to the server.

There are other accounts on the same domain which Outlook is able to log into so that doesn't appear to be the problem either.

Any ideas? How do I fix Outlook so it can retrieve emails from an email account I have been using for nearly 10 years.

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by brian In reply to Outlook 2007 receives ema ...

If i understand correctly, the e-mail you are having problems getting info from is the server you control. if this is the case, check all the port settings for it and make sure none have changed. If it is not a server you control, make sure the server admin has not made any changes to the incoming or outgoing ports...

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Hosted domain

by wyndham In reply to ports

Many thanks for the suggestion. It is my fault for not being clear. I don't control the server - I just have a hosted domain.

I have checked with my domain host and they kindly checked everything they could and even went through all my Outlook settings just in case - to no avail unfortunately.

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Ports checked OK

by wyndham In reply to ports

I forgot to mention I asked the specific question about ports and they have not been changed.

Is this likely to be a problem if I can receive email from other accounts on the same domain?

Many thanks again for responding.

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another option

by brian In reply to Ports checked OK

the answer to your question is should not be an option if you are getting mail on the same domain through outlook, however, have they checked the mailbox stability. I had a mailbox on my domain that was corrupted, it had e-mail in it, and would recieve e-mail into it, but would not pass it onto the end user, thus causing just that mailbox to throw errors. we could access it through a webmail software, but it didn't always work....when they checked on their end, did they verify the integrity of the mailbox in question?

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Mailbox re-created

by wyndham In reply to another option

Thanks again for responsing Brian.

After struggling for a while I forwarded all the emails using webmail and then deleted the account - and re-created. The problem remains.

I have now deleted the account again and replaced it with a forwarding account. This will work for now but I would prefer to fix the problem.

It really feel likes there is a problem with Outlook somehow - perhaps a Registry setting?

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rules it all out

by brian In reply to Outlook 2007 receives ema ...

Well, I was hoping that it was just an inbox issue on the server like i had (would have made it a lot nicer for a fix, working these problems sometimes are very frustrating). Outlook would be the next place to go, one thing you can try to do is backup your .pst files (all of them in outlook)...un-install and then re-install. Before the re-install, you may want to run CCleaner (available on This will delete all temporary files, and also allow you to do a registry scan and fix registry errors. If you don't want to do all of this, you may want to try to setup outlook express or windows mail to see if it is an outlook problem or a problem in windows itself (just make sure to check the option telling it to leave a copy of the messages on the server). I would start with this option first as it will tell you if it is indeed outlook or windows. I'm starting to wonder if your e-mail account in question has been blocked by your system's security software as well, seeing that you are receiving e-mails from different accounts in outlook (there was a post from somebody else that was having a problem with e-mails and they had spydoctor 2010, the security settings by default were jacked up to high). Three more things to try (after this, i'll have to 'rack my brain' for more options...but this should point us in the right direction).

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Since this is Outlook 2007 how are the other accounts

by CG IT In reply to Outlook 2007 receives ema ...

setup? are they setup using outlook connector?

how many of your accounts show up in email accounts? [tools/options/mailsetup/email accounts ?

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