Outlook 2007 recently started deleting emails from my sent folder

By Becky Byrd ·
Outlook 2007 recently started deleting my emails from the sent folder. This is very frustrating since I often refer back to them.

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by patb071 In reply to Outlook 2007 recently sta ...

Check your archieve or are you seeing them in the deleted folder?

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Few things

by NexS In reply to Outlook 2007 recently sta ...

1 - Is it <b>all</b> emails that are being sent to the deleted item?

2 - Have a look at both, your Junk Email settings (including white/black lists), and your email filtering rules to see if there's something aligning with your issue.

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Missing Email

by Becky Byrd In reply to Few things

The only emails that are disappearing are the email from the sent folder. I checked my filtering rules and couldn't find anything out of the ordinary.

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Old or new? Quota on server?

by TobiF In reply to Outlook 2007 recently sta ...

Do old emails disappear, or has it rather stopped moving sent mail to this folder?

And: Is your Outlook connected to an Exchange Server? In that case you may have hit the storage limit for your mailbox. In that case, you should set up (unless already done) one or a few "Personal folders" where you can archive things. (Make sure that this place is included in your backups, though)
I don't know all versions and details, but as I remember, one could right click on the word "Mailbox" in the left hand column, select the item properties, and somewhere there get the total size of your online mailbox, as well as the sizes of each folder.
If you've hit the limit, another solution could be to talk to the administrator, to raise your quota.

A third option: If you're connected to a server via IMAP, then there may be rules for how long messages are kept. Again: use personal folders (on your own hard drive or on some network location).

Let's see what you find :)

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