outlook 2007 sending receipts

By avlwiz ·
We recently upgraded several users to Office 2007 and when we opened up Outlook it began sending out read receipts to users in a particular folder. These were people who applied for a position and were either rejected or hired but the rejected complained that 25 messages rejecting them was to much.
We are using an Imap client and did not have this problem with upgrades to 2003 or previous versions. MS telephone support and knowledge base were of no help. We have stopped upgrading until this issue is resolved. Another user (non-HR) had the same issue earlier with another folder that requested read receipts.
We have disabled the account from sending receipts but it still wants to do it.

Any suggestions would be welcomed.


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How was 2003 set up to do it?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to outlook 2007 sending rece ...

Do you have some sort of rule set to automatically send a receipt to all in a folder? Or, is it a script being activated?

There are many things in 2003 that don't transition to 2007 smoothly. So, nailing down what it is that sends the receipt and deactivating it before the upgrade would be the answer here. You can then recreate it properly after the upgrade instead of importing the old one.

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set up

by avlwiz In reply to How was 2003 set up to do ...

Version 2002, or 2003 is setup to never send a response by default. After the upgrade when starting up Outlook it is responding to all requests. The default (2007)is to never respond.

On the Tools menu, click Options.
On the Preferences tab, click E-mail Options.
Click Tracking Options.
Click one of the following:
Always send a response Send a read receipt whenever one is requested.
Never send a response Deny a read receipt whenever one is requested.
Ask me before sending a response Be notified when a read receipt is requested.

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So.... how did you perform the upgrade?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to set up


When you upgraded these systems to 2007, did you use an upgrade version of 2007? Or, is 2007 the full install?

If it's full install and not an upgrade, did you uninstall 2003 first?

After installing 2007 if it was a full install, did you import the 2003 PST files or just open them?


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upgarde/new install

by avlwiz In reply to So.... how did you perfor ...

We used a full install disk of 2007. It asked if we wanted to upgrade to 2007 and we answered "yes". For version 2002 it wiped out the .pst file and created a new one (not able to go back) for 2003 (very few) it just upgraded the .pst file. Did a complete uninstall of 2007, rebooted, and reinstalled 2007 with the same problems. Uninstalled and rebooted again and reloaded office 2002 and restored the .pst file from a backup tape. Everything back to normal prior to 2007 install.
So yes, we have done both an upgrade and a new install of 2007.

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OK, try this.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to upgarde/new install

I believe the problem is in the upgrade of 2003. Something isn't transitioning properly when it upgrades the existing PST file.

So, what I would do is to start on a machine you haven't touched yet, backup the 2003 PST files and export the rules separately, if you have any. Then uninstall 2003 completely, remove any PST files left behind and then reboot. Install 2007, then import mail/contacts only from the 2003 backup. This brings in just what is needed (folder structure/email/contacts) and leaves any rules and settings that were created in 2003 behind. You can import the rules after the install, if you have any that are needed. But, all settings should be left to the default for 2007.


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2003 upgrade

by avlwiz In reply to OK, try this.....

Most of our users and the ones in question are at Office 2002 w/frontpage. The .pst file is kept on another machine so it is backed up nightly. So when we startup outlook it goes looking to that machine for the pst and if we are off the network it will not start up.
We can tell it to use a local .pst file and them make the changes for tracking. However as soon as we suscribe to folders it will start sending receipts, because of the syncing of folders (another MS issue) the system is stuck in syncing and we are unable to stop the flow until we disconnect from the network.

Thank you for all your ideas and help on this issue. I will try the above mentioned and see if it helps, but I believe we have tried that already.

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