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    Outlook 2007 – Stand Alone (No Stationary Feature)


    by act68135 ·

    Last year, I decided to forgo the Microsoft Office Suite packages and just went with the stand alone programs of Outlook 2007 and Word 2007.

    Well after the allowable refund period, I attempted to add-in the purchased and free stationary I had accumulated to the Outlook 2007 program. Much to my surprise, my stationary buttons were dead and I was not able to do anything with stationary. I could not even access any of the normally included themes that come with Outlook.

    After trying everything I knew (which isn’t much considering I’m not, at all, tech savvy) with no success, I searched on-line and, at the time, couldn’t find a single similar problem posted on the Microsoft, or any other, website that I checked.

    I contacted Microsoft in January 2008 and was advised as follows:

    “Based on my research, if we install Outlook 2007 stand-alone on Windows XP Professional SP2, Windows XP Media Center Edition or Vista, the Theme is unavailable.

    I am sorry that this is a by-design feature since the Outlook 2007 stand-alone version could not use the theme of Office suites. There is no fix yet. So, I suggest you refund your Outlook 2007 stand-alone version and then purchase Office Standard 2007 for instead.”

    Well, like I said in my first paragraph (and which was made known to the support tech that provided the above message) it was well beyond the refund period. I made several attempts with the vendors, and at the Microsoft website, to get them to exchange the programs for a suite with me paying the difference but was not successful in getting them to do this. I, instead, must sit and wait on a ‘fix’ for a feature that is most commonly included with any email program including Outlook Express. (Grrr!)

    Has anyone come across a ‘fix’ posted by Microsoft for this issue that I’m just not finding? Or perhaps, someone here has experienced this limitation and came up with a fix that they are willing to share?

    Thanks, Mary Jane (MJ)

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      by act68135 ·

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      Here is a link

      by rob miners ·

      In reply to Outlook 2007 – Stand Alone (No Stationary Feature)

      to a workaround.
      Managing custom stationery and themes for Outlook 2007!C1013F1F9A99E3D8!230.entry

      You will need access to a HTML Editor like Front Page.
      The other alternative is to upgrade.

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        True Blue, Thank you …

        by act68135 ·

        In reply to Here is a link

        … for the additional information.

        Many years ago I was on webtv and created signatures to insert into my emails to personalize them. I thought those days were long gone but guess not. LOL

        I think upgrading is going to be my best course of action as creating them by hand is time consuming and I’m battling enough schedule deadlines as it is.

        Thanks for your time. I was looking for verification that I did not miss any ‘fix’ for the program feature failure and you answered it .. I did not! 🙂

        Thanks again! Have a great week!
        Mary Jane

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          Its a bit like riding a bike :)

          by rob miners ·

          In reply to True Blue, Thank you …

          You will find that it will all come back to you Mary Jane. 😉

          Good luck


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      Elaborate WorkAround for Outlook Stationary

      by emiller ·

      In reply to Outlook 2007 – Stand Alone (No Stationary Feature)

      If you have MS Publisher
      You can creater some of the most elaborate
      e-mails and have them sent through outlook
      It does work with Office version and I am just guessing it will work with stand alone

      Worth a try anyway

      GL ed

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        Ed, thanks for the …

        by act68135 ·

        In reply to Elaborate WorkAround for Outlook Stationary

        … ideas you presented for the missing features in Outlook 2007 stand alone programs.

        We sure pay dearly for something that is standard in most email packages. It wasn’t even provided to us in the selling description as a limitation when the software was purchased (that I can find).

        Anyway, I received 2 great work around options in answer to my question. I will try both to see if it’ll come together (when time allows). Maybe I can put together, at least, a simple one.

        This is the 2nd question I’ve posted on the site and actually received clear solutions. My greatest pet peeve is a response where it’s clear that the sender did not read the entire email or post as their answer or solution is to do something that I clearly stated I had already done (this is so the case with most email support technicians).

        Thanks again for your time.

        Have a wonderful week!
        Mary Jane

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      Outlook 2007 Fix for Stationary and Themes

      by gerryyassa ·

      In reply to Outlook 2007 – Stand Alone (No Stationary Feature)

      I was curious if any one founs or received a fix for the issues With Outlook 2007 Stationary and Themes


      Gerry Yassa

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