Outlook 2007: Unable to send emails

By forum-addict ·
I am using Windows Xp pro with sp2; I recently upgraded office 2003 to office 2007 everything is fine except the outlook module. I am able to receive mails but unable to send any i.e. whenever I am trying to send any mails its giving me an error saying
?The message interface has returned an unknown error. If the problem persists, restart Outlook?
Even after restart the problem is the same, I have tried reinstalling office but the problem remains. I checked my SMTP setting and they are fine. So I tried Google but found nothing of use. Even I tried creating a new profile using
?outlook.exe /promptimportprf \\localfolder\outlook.prf?
But again it?s of no use.
Anyone plz help.

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Request for Clarification

by mehra10al In reply to Clarifications

That can be Outlook PST File problem, Contact to resolve the issue. They provide complete outlook support.

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Try this

by w2ktechman In reply to Outlook 2007: Unable to s ...

Create a .pst file
move all of your Inbox messages to that file
create another .pst file
move all of your sent items messages to that file

Try a send/receive now

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thanks :)

by forum-addict In reply to Try this

first of all thanks for replying, secondly will give it a try and get back to u.

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Another test

by anders_emajl In reply to thanks :)


had similary problem due to a crazy mail layib?ng in the outbox, blocking send funtionality.

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by forum-addict In reply to Another test

i have even tried creating a new pst file but it still doesn't work

some one plz help

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no use

by forum-addict In reply to thanks :)

tried what u suggest, but is not working still the same problem

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Log on to send?

by scott_heath In reply to Outlook 2007: Unable to s ...

I don't have out look in front of me, but when you go into the profile properties you can click the advanced button and their is a tab for smtp or some such. On it you can check the box that says to use the same credentials when sending mail as you do when receiving. I've seen this get unchecked and then outlook doesn't know what to do.

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Creating a new profile...

by scott_heath In reply to Log on to send?

I'm also not terrible familiar with the method you used to create the new profile. Outlook profiles have long been the source of many headaches. Go into the Mail control panel applet and remove the current profile and then manually create it step by step. If all else fails just re-install the app and see if it fixes it. Easier and faster than troubleshooting in many cases.

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tried that already

by forum-addict In reply to Creating a new profile...

i have removed all the profiles from control panel> mail> show profiles> removed all the old profile and profile backups. Created a new profile, reconfigured mail settings and of course deleted all the application data i.e .pst files, .srs files But still no use , still i am receiving the same message while sending mails. i don't know what to do i have already reinstalled my office 2007 twice.

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Corrupt files or registry settings

by scott_heath In reply to tried that already

Uninstall all Office versions and delete all registry keys for office. Reboot and install Office again. Plain uninstalls don't remove everything and reinstalls will skip anything that's there.

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