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Outlook 2007 with Exchange 2003 error: The name cannot be resolved.

By ripzeus ·
Ok i am about to pull my hair out on this one. I had the issue before and found a fix on expert-exchange.. but now they are a pay to play forums... BAH!!!

Anyways... I am having this issue with Outlook 2003/2007 and connecting to exchange. I have tried EVERYTHING i know of to fix this issue. I have tried to Zero Config. the netsh... everything you can google..

The issue is outlook at first start up will not connect to the exchange 2k3 server... I even install outlook on a FRESH BRAND NEW Vista 64 load... and it failed with the same error "The name cannot be resolved. The Operation Failed"
My DNS is correct. dcdiag and netdiag show all passes.. Exchange Best practices says everything is great...
I have NO idea what is going on... I am wits end here... if anyone here has anything they can post.. PLZ PLZ PLZ help me!

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More Info

by bincarnato In reply to Outlook 2007 with Exchang ...

Probably need some more information to resolve this.

For starters:
What is the ipconfig /all information of the client PCs? What is the IP address of the exchange server?

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Similar problem here...

by tech In reply to Outlook 2007 with Exchang ...

Hi ripzeus, I am also experiencing outlook 2007 cannot resolve exchange 2003 usernames so cannot connect. I do have OWA setup and that works fine. I can send/receive fine. I did add RPC/HTTP into windows, but have not configured exchange to use that. I've tried manual settings in outlook and cannot get that to work. I'm only using smtp and not pop3 or other protocols except http and default port #s. I was going to try reinstalling outlook 2003 and attempt. I'm also going to remove rpc from within windows add/remove components and attempt. I had replication issues to resolve in AD and other issues, but those are fixed. I won't get to attempt some items for a week or so, but wanted to offer these ideas then will check back. My Exchange is single member server and DNS setup properly in active directory. I also suspect the authentication traffic going through a cisco ASA maybe halting something so will change default gateway to try. Good luck with yours and will reply soon.
Thanks, DMix

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