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Outlook 2010 took away my activities tab!

By Mike ·
Greetings All!

The reason I'm posting this is that I have a bit of an issue. With Outlook 2010, Microsoft decided to remove the "activities" tab which existed on Contact Public folders. This trusty dusty tab allowed the user to link the Public Contact folder to a Public Journal folder.

When you clicked the "Activities" tab on the contact, it would then search through the journal folder, finding all linked items. Cool huh?

Evidently, not many thought so, and Microsoft decided to yank that out of Outlook 2010. Now, here's my predicament.

I have a Public folder for Contacts that has tens of thousands of contacts in it. I also have a Public folder for Journal entries that has a metric ton of journal entries related to those contacts.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can replace / replicate this behavior? I would prefer not to buy a CRM package like Act! Or Goldmine, I would rather replace it with some SharePoint functionality or something along those lines. Of course, any suggestion is welcome.

Thanks in advance!
Mike Scott

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Repost as a 'Question'.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Outlook 2010 took away my ...

Try reposting this using the 'Ask a Question' button. The 'Discussion' forum is for matters of general discussion, not specific problems in search of a solution.

There are TR members who specifically seek out problems in need of a solution. Although there is some overlap between the two forums, you'll find more of those members in 'Questions' than here in 'Discussions'.

Additional benefits to the membership include:

1) The "Questions" forum provides for your feedback, by way of your being able to mark "helpful" responses as such. This does not necessarily mean that a given response contained the complete solution to your problem, but only that it served to guide you toward it. This is intended to serve as an aid to those who may in the future have a problem similar to yours, so that they might have a ready source of reference available, thereby perhaps obviating the need for them to repeat questions previously asked and answered.

2) The TR search function makes it difficult to find a particular "Discussion" or "Question" if it has not had a recent post; the two types get mingled in the listings. By keeping each type in their respective forums, it is easier for all to find what they are looking for.

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by Mike In reply to Repost as a 'Question'.

I can post this to the questions, but I was anticipating more of a discussion on the topic.

I viewed the questions forum as more of a "this is broken what will fix it" rather than a "what would be alternatives to this functionality". I do see your point however, and I'll post over in questions.


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I viewed your post as a request for aid.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Sure

If that isn't what you intended, my apologies for the misinterpretation.

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No worries

by Mike In reply to I viewed your post as a r ...

I think it can go either way really. No worries, I posted it to the questions as well. Thanks Palmetto!

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Is the a 'The SUN' headline

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to Outlook 2010 took away my ...

or more a News of the World?

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by Mike In reply to Is the a 'The SUN' headli ...

Do you mean is it a tabloid headline? I guess it could be :-)

"Aliens steal Outlook's activity tab: Find out what they plan on doing with it".

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