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outlook 2k sp3

By Stevan ·
i have some users that when they try to forword an e-mail nothing happens they hit the send button and it just sits there, they can copy the text into a new massange and send it out just fine. i have changed it from using MSWord but that didn't help i have also uninstalled and reinstalled office re loaded all the updates. one of them is windows 98 se and the other is windows 2k. can't seem to find anthing on MS KB. Thanks for the help...

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by dustyD In reply to outlook 2k sp3

Was it sent from a user with Outlook 2003?

See the help:
Information Rights Management (IRM) in Microsoft? Office 2003 is a new feature that allows individual authors to specify permission for who can access and use documents or e-mail messages, and helps prevent sensitive information from being printed, forwarded, or copied by unauthorized people. Once permission for a document or message has been restricted with this technology, the access and usage restrictions are enforced no matter where the information is, since the permission to access an e-mail message or a document are stored in the file itself.

For full text go here:**033.aspx

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Detect and repair

by mmilligan In reply to outlook 2k sp3

I read on another forum that if you go to outlook and hit help -> Detect and repair, it solves this problem. i have this same issue on three machines here. I tried it on one and it did not fix it. I will try it on the other two and see. Can't hurt.

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