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    Outlook 97 Inbox Message View


    by rdhatch ·

    I have a user whose Inbox subfolders Message view somehow changed. It used to be the default settings for the “Message” view but now it’s changed so there’s a “Group By” Subject & the Fields have changed. I verified the user didn’t make any changes themselves. What’s really strange it didn’t happen to all the subfolders.

    Is there a way to all the folders back to the default settings at the same time?

    Thanks for any help.

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      Outlook 97 Inbox Message View

      by cheesin ·

      In reply to Outlook 97 Inbox Message View

      Hi Russ,
      Check the settings.
      1) At the Inbox, right-click on the Subject column and select ‘View Summary’.
      2) Click the ‘Group By’ button.
      3) Back out from all the windows by clicking OK button if you make any change.

      Hope this solves your problem.

      Chee Sin

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